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episode 16: General Tojo Part 3: Attack on Pearl Harbor

Japan attacks Pearl Harbor. The Pacific War is underway. In Tokyo, Prime Minister Tojo moves to take every significant government job for himself. Japanese troops sweep through the Malay Peninsula. Thousands of Allied soldiers are interned in prisoner of war camps, in conditions that beggar belief. Listen and follow for free wherever you get your pods. Or, listen ad-free with a subscription to the Noiser Network on Apple Podcasts. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


 2020-11-30  39m

episode 15: General Tojo Part 2: Terror in China

Major General Hideki Tojo takes command of the secret police - the Kempeitai. The Imperial Japanese Army invades China and terrorises the civilian population. Kempeitai operatives set up a secret lab where they carry out horrific medical and weapons experiments. This is only the beginning. Before long, Prime Minister Tojo will ready the nation for war with the United States. Listen and follow for free wherever you get your pods...


 2020-11-23  43m

episode 14: General Tojo Part 1: The Young Samurai

General Hideki Tojo led Japan into World War Two and oversaw some of the most horrific war crimes in recorded history. Tojo did not hold absolute power, but he more than earns his place at this table. Ruling under a compliant Emperor, Tojo gathered power to himself. He was the minister who outgrew his master, the bureaucrat whose relentless work ethic took him to the apex of government. Hideki Tojo is born in 1884. Japan is an emerging world power...


 2020-11-16  36m

episode 13: Papa Doc Part 3: Vampire of the Caribbean

François Duvalier puts the finishing touches to his terrifying cult of personality. The President for Life declares he is an immaterial being - a spirit that will hover over Haiti even after his body dies. Thoughts turn to succession. His son - "Baby Doc" - waits in the wings. Our contributors reflect on the legacy of Papa Doc - a name that will forever haunt the nightmares of Haitians. Listen and follow for free wherever you get your pods...


 2020-09-09  33m

episode 12: Papa Doc Part 2: Haiti’s Dictator vs JFK

Haitian dictator “Papa Doc” Duvalier crushes an attempted coup without mercy. Spooked by this near miss, Duvalier forms his own private militia called the Tonton Macoute. They take their name from a terrifying bogeyman of Haitian mythology. As the horrors of the regime become impossible to ignore, President Kennedy decides to lay down a marker. Listen and follow for free wherever you get your pods. Or, listen ad-free with a subscription to the Noiser Network on Apple Podcasts...


 2020-09-02  41m

episode 11: Papa Doc Part 1: The Voodoo Tyrant

Just a few hundred miles south of Florida, across the Caribbean Sea, lies Haiti. From 1957 to 1971, this tropical island nation was ruled by a would-be demigod. François Duvalier - better known as “Papa Doc” - wielded the twin powers of state violence and voodoo. Real Dictators takes you behind the scenes of Papa Doc’s maniacal regime. His victims and adversaries tell the story of the medical doctor who became the butcher of his people. Listen and follow for free wherever you get your pods...


 2020-08-26  51m

episode 10: Mao Zedong Part 3: The Cultural Revolution

Mao’s ‘Cultural Revolution’ sets out to purge the minds of an entire population. Meanwhile, the Supreme Leader himself leads a life of debauchery and excess - as his former doctor remembers. The Chairman seems invincible. But as his health deteriorates, his legacy is anything but assured. Eyewitnesses to his brutality reflect on what Mao means to China today, more than 40 years after his death. Listen and follow for free wherever you get your pods...


 2020-08-12  49m

episode 9: Mao Zedong Part 2: The ‘Great Leap Forward’

Mao Zedong's Communists come down from the mountains to do battle with the Nationalists. After clinching victory, Mao is greeted by many as a hero. But life under the new Chairman is about to get a whole lot worse. Installed as Supreme Leader, Mao sets about revolutionising the way his people live, work, and even think. His ‘Great Leap Forward’ is intended to be an economic masterplan. Instead, it will drive people across China to the wildest extremes of human behaviour...


 2020-08-05  53m

episode 8: Mao Zedong Part 1: Peasant's Son, Communist Rebel

In the centre of China’s capital city, Beijing, lies a corpse that no one dares remove. It’s been 44 years since Mao Zedong’s body was laid to rest in the grandiose Chairman Mao Memorial Hall. He may be gone but he is not forgotten. To some, he’s the father of modern China. To many others, he’s a sadistic thug - a man willing to sacrifice millions of lives in pursuit of power. Mao Zedong is born in Hunan Province in 1893. Growing up on his father’s farm, he consumes books and ideas...


 2020-07-29  43m

episode 7: Joseph Stalin Part 3: Hitler Attacks

Stalin’s regime hits the rocks when Adolf Hitler launches Operation Barbarossa and invades Russia. Nazi tanks plough towards Moscow in a devastating advance. Stalin’s legacy is forged in this fight to the death. In his final years, the strongman succumbs to cardiac problems. His tools for progress have been famine, slavery and execution. Yet to this day, some of his countrymen and women lionise him as the man who turned Russia into a superpower...


 2020-07-15  50m