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There's no guilty in these pleasures. Every week we'll explore complex themes below the surface of our favorite fictional things. Deep thoughts featuring jokes, tangents, and celeb stories.

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episode 44: She's Hot, But I Love You (A History of the Sitcom)

This week Rosey is taking us on a whirlwind tour of the history of the sitcom!! Avery's eating it up, and you will too. From Lucy to Rachel, Rosey's got the deets. Next week we're covering the holiday MUST-SEE (which Avery has never seen) Home Alone...



episode 43: Let Her Walk (A League of Their Own)

This week we're talking about the 1992 A League of Their Own. It's not perfect, but we're fairly impressed for 1992 (though we wish we'd made more progress by now). No real surprise, these women are badasses on and off the field. We're very into them and thanks to Penny Marshall for her energy to create and direct this movie.

P.S. Geena Davis and Tom Hanks are both  6 feet tall...



episode 42: Very Little Hunting (Good Will Hunting)

This week we're diving deep on Good Will Hunting and surprise! Julia's back again to help us tackle it! We've got thoughts on everything from Minnie's casting to the famous therapy scenes. In what we watched, Julia's jumping on the Tell Me Lies train, Avery's watching Spotlight to get yet more Boston nostalgia, and we also READ things (minor spoilers for Layla by Colleen Hoover).

Next week we're taking a look at A League of Their Own...



episode 41: Grow Up, Lorelai! (Gilmore Girls)

This week we're headed to Stars Hallow! We have a guest, and Gilmore Girls superfan, in the studio with us to dive into everything you love and question about the WB classic. Mother/daughter dynamics. Mountains of junk food. Infuriating yet delightful love stories. We cover a lot of ground...


 2022-11-02  1h21m

The Afterparty: Danner & Maggie

Our watch along wraps up this week with the last two episodes of The Afterparty - "Danner" and "Maggie". We figure it out and wrap things up.

Next week, we're diving into to 2000s classic and fall favorite Gilmore Girls. And we've got a guest! 


 2022-10-26  34m

episode 40: Those Damn Roombas (Hocus Pocus 1 & 2)

It's spooky season folks! This week we're diving into Hocus Pocus and it's follow-up Hocus Pocus 2! We analyze the pros and cons of sequels and wokeness, and wax poetic on how crushable and problematic boys were in the 90s. Later, Rosey is devouring Tell Me Lies and Avery is comfort watching Great British Baking Show.

Next week we'll cover the final installment of The Afterparty  watch-along, "Danner" and "Maggie"...


 2022-10-19  1h4m

The Afterparty: High School and Zoe

On our watch along this week we're discussing episodes 5 and 6 of The Afterparty - "High School" and "Zoe". We've got theories! 

We'll cover the next two episodes of The Afterparty, "Danner" and "Maggie" in two weeks, it'll drop on Wednesday, October 26. 

And next week, we're looking at the seminal spooky classic Hocus Pocus! 


 2022-10-14  36m

episode 39: Ghost Boners (Casper)

This week we're looking at and talking about 1995's Casper. It's an Avery childhood fave and Rosey is skeptical of almost all of it. Our conversation is as kooky as the movie itself. Before that we chat about what we're watching - Rosey is watching more mystical teens and Avery watched a few things on the more serious side.

Next up next week is the next  installment of The Afterparty watchalong, covering High School and Zoe...


 2022-10-05  1h6m

The Afterparty: Yasper & Chelsea

Our watch along continues! This week we're discussing episodes 3 and 4  of The Afterparty - "Yasper" and "Chelsea". We really don't know what's going to happen, but of course, we've got a lot of theories. 

We'll cover the next two episodes of The Afterparty, "High School" and "Zoe" in two weeks, it'll drop on Wednesday, October 12. 

And next week, we're looking at 1995's Casper.


 2022-09-28  46m

episode 38: If You Can't Kill Him, Just Bounce (Mythic Quest)

This week we're diving into the Apple TV+ original Mythic Quest! From the minds of the Always Sunny crew, this workplace comedy is one of our faves. We get into all the hijinks, narcissism, unlikeable female characters, and more! On what we watched, Avery's not loving The Rings of Power and Rosey has a love-hate relationship with Kevin Can Go F Himself.

Next up next week is our second installment of The Afterparty watchalong, covering Chelsea and Yasper...


 2022-09-21  58m