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This podcast serves to gives reasons for truth for the Christian faith. It is intended to train and equip anyone with a desire to know truth and share it with others.

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Episode 429 - Reason for Truth

Governments Responsibility To Protect -Biblically



Episode 429 - Reason for Truth

The Biblical Role Of Government As Protector



Is COVID-19 TRACE The Mark Of The Beast? - 5:23:20, 4.54 PM

Representative Rush, D-Michigan (United States) Introduced HR-6666 Covid-19 TRACE bill for Tracking all those with Covid and most likely those who have been vaccinated. Rep. Rush went to an evangelical seminary and knows the significance of the number...



TO BE CLOTHED IN CHRIST - 5:24:20, 6.48 AM

Jesus speaks in Matthew 22:1-14 regarding His coming to Israel like a wedding banquet-but Israel depicted through the lens of wedding guests made all kinds of excuses not to come. Finally, King Jesus sends his servants out to gather all-good and bad...



How Do I Hear The Voice Of God? - 5:16:20, 6.42 PM

How can we hear the voice of God? What is the voice of God and how can we hear Him? Tune in today with Reason For Truth founder and Host Steven Garofalo and Apologist Del Potter as they deliver three points to hearing and acting on the voice of God!...



When God Makes Us Salty PT2 - 5:15:20, 1.19 PM

What does it mean when God MAKES US SALTY? Tune in with Host Steven Garofalo and Apologist Del Potter to hear PART2 of What it means when God makes us salty! Also, if you have not listened to Part1-please go back and do so. Please give us 5-Stars in...



When GOD Makes You Salty - 5:11:20, 7.17 PM

What happens when God makes us SALTY? Does it hurt us? Does it help us? Does it preserve us? What it mean biblically to be made SALTY by God? Tune in for Part 1 to find out!



Hoopla About The Pig - 5:7:20, 11.12 AM

What is all the HOOPLA about the PIG? Eating Pig-Pork is considered UNCLEAN and against certain cultural and religious laws: Namely with Jewish people and Muslims. Tune in today to better understand WHY this is on Today's Reason For Truth Podcast. AND...



LEGALISM-Measuring Our Spiritual State - 5:5:20, 8.02 AM

What does the Bible tells us about LEGALISM? Does God want our sacrifice or our heart? Tune in for today's Reason For Truth Podcast to find out!


 2020-05-05  22m

All Roads Don't Lead To Heaven Pastor Brian Tubbs - 4:30:20, 12.01 PM

DO ALL ROADS LEAD TO HEAVEN? Do all religions lead to the same God or same place called the real Heaven? Tune in with Interviewer Pastor Brian Tubbs interviewing author Steven Garofalo for a full episode covering Religious Pluralism in detail!


 2020-04-30  1h2m