Decoder with Nilay Patel

Decoder is a new show from The Verge about big ideas — and other problems. Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel talks to a diverse cast of innovators and policymakers at the frontiers of business and technology to reveal how they’re navigating an ever-changing landscape, what keeps them up at night, and what it all means for our shared future.

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Trump, Twitter, and the First Amendment, with platform moderation expert Daphne Keller

Nilay Patel talks with regulation expert and law professor Daphne Keller about how to moderate what happens on the internet.



The business of meatless meat with Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown

Nilay Patel talks with Beyond Meat founder and CEO Ethan Brown about the increased demand for plant-based proteins.



How the @!#$ does advertising work, with Cadillac CMO Melissa Grady

Nilay Patel talks with Cadillac CMO Melissa Grady about how advertising has been reinvented by technology.


 2020-12-15  1h2m

Can Substack CEO Chris Best build a new model for journalism?

Nilay Patel talks with Chris Best, cofounder and CEO of Substack


 2020-12-08  1h0m

Alamo Drafthouse CEO Shelli Taylor on going back to the movies

Nilay Patel talks with Shelli Taylor, who stepped into her new role as CEO of Alamo Drafthouse during the pandemic.


 2020-12-01  46m

Microsoft's Phil Spencer on launching the new Xbox and the future of games

Nilay Patel talks with Phil Spencer, executive vice-president of gaming at Microsoft about the launch of the two new Xboxes.


 2020-11-24  1h13m

Remote learning is here to stay — can we make it better?

Nilay Patel talks with Sal Khan, the co-founder and CEO of Khan Academy, a nonprofit online learning platform for students in kindergarten through high school.


 2020-11-17  1h0m

Mark Cuban on the presidency and the future of American business

On the first episode of Decoder, Nilay Patel interviews Mark Cuban.


 2020-11-10  58m

Welcome to Decoder

It may seem like a strange time to launch a podcast about business when the pandemic has frozen so many things in place, but the future is still coming — people are building technology and making policy for it right now. And it’s important to talk to them. This is Decoder with Nilay Patel. New episodes coming November 10th. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


 2020-10-27  3m

episode 565: Best of: Shoshana Zuboff

In this best-of episode, originally published in February 2019, Kara Swisher talks with Harvard Business School professor emerita Shoshana Zuboff about her book "The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power."


 2020-09-30  53m