Red Hand Roleplay

Red Hand Roleplay is an actual play podcast currently presenting the West Marches of Thule, a 5e D&D game which follow a group of more than twenty colonists trying to explore and survive their new and unrelenting world. Join us as we discover mysteries, fight terrifying monsters, and search through ancient ruins! Get a hold of us @redhandroleplay on Twitter and Facebook!

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 55m. Bisher sind 75 Folge(n) erschienen. Dieser Podcast erscheint wöchentlich.

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 3 days 15 minutes


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episode 15: WMoT Session 13 Pt. 3 - Into the Woods

Our intrepid adventures, Cuthalion, Ludmila, Korrthass, Darvon, and C have wavered into the forest's edge and find a massive area which has been burned to a crisp leaving a wasteland behind. Soon they find themselve answering a cal of distress and the ac...


 2018-06-28  1h9m

episode 14: WMoT Session 13 Pt 2 - William Told

Welcome to the West Marches of Thule Session 13 Pt.2 Cuthalion, Ludmila, Darvon, Korrthass and C continue their romp through the souther edges of the forest in a stretch of downtime C takes aim at Ludmila threatening to put her eye out like a red ryder B...


 2018-06-19  53m

episode 13: WMoT Session 13 Pt. 1 - It Speaks To You In Dreams

Ludmila, Korrthass, Cuthulian, Darvon, and in his Debut on the recording, Chas, All set out to help a druid from Willowdale named Wulfa build a hut for himself away from the colony and in a grove where he has found a significant amount of unique herbs wi...


 2018-06-13  44m

episode 12: WMoT Session 12 Pt. 3 - On Your Own

Keflex, Silver, Tor, Zorathil, and Ludmila are out in the wilds North and West of the colony. While out looking for specimens and reagents Keflex gets lost out on his own, But dangerous beings live in these woods and some have caught his scent! Ludmila a...


 2018-06-05  1h1m

episode 11: WMoT Session 12 pt 2 - Do it for the Vision Quest

Keflex, Tor, Ludmila, Zorathil, and newcomer Silver headed off to the North to unsuccessfully attempt to track the mysterious Ancient Elf, lovingly called "Grandpa". They head off into the Forest to take advantage of Their ranger's knowledge of the trees...


 2018-05-31  53m

episode 10: WMoT Session 12 Pt. 1 - Silver Alert

Keflex, Tor, Ludmila, Zorathil, and newcomer Silver head off to the North to attempt to track the mysterious Ancient Elf, lovingly called "Grandpa". The trek finds them discovering brand new areas as yet unknown, but ultimately they are left out in the w...


 2018-05-22  53m

episode 9: WMoT Session 10 Pt. 3 - Brotherhood of Meat

Keflex and Tor have been forced to head home early - leaving Paavu, Korrthass, Gothmaug, and Chunt to fend for themselves out as far as any have gone in the wilds. On the way the party has found the carcass of a massive beast - enough to feed the entire ...


 2018-05-16  49m

episode 8: WMoT Session 10 Pt. 2 - Attack at Twilight.

Tor, Korrthass, Paavu, Keflex, Chunt, and Gothmaug are forced to fight for their lives and deal with the aftermath of their burning desires. Soon the party will be pushed to their limits as they struggle against the wilderness. While I have you, I just w...


 2018-05-08  1h2m

episode 7: WMoT Session 10 Pt. 1 - To the Eastern Shore!

A brand new party heads East!Tor, Korrthass, Paavu, Keflex, Chunt, and Gothmaug head east to follow along the coastline and see what they may find. Their first day out includes a recap of the perilous fight with the Rave Snail as told by Keflex, and some...


 2018-05-01  55m

episode 6: WMoT Session 9 Pt. 5 - The conclusion to Ludmilia's series of unfortunate events!

In this conclusion of our first recorded session we find our party having survived only by the skin of their teeth and a couple lucky rolls! They recooperate in the lair of the forgettful Elven knight who has seen more winters than most ancient trees. An...


 2018-04-24  51m