Red Hand Roleplay

Red Hand Roleplay is an actual play podcast currently presenting the West Marches of Thule, a 5e D&D game which follow a group of more than twenty colonists trying to explore and survive their new and unrelenting world. Join us as we discover mysteries, fight terrifying monsters, and search through ancient ruins! Get a hold of us @redhandroleplay on Twitter and Facebook!

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 55m. Bisher sind 75 Folge(n) erschienen. Dieser Podcast erscheint wöchentlich.

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 3 days 15 minutes


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episode 5: WMoT Session 9 Pt. 4 - Why Darvon, your voice changed!

Unfortunately Nathan, who plays Darvon had to go to work, so Co-DM Resiwig filled in! Multiple Characters are left bleeding and bruised on the ground. Cuthulion blurs the line between heroics and selfish preservation by turning tail and distracting the s...


 2018-04-17  1h24m

episode 4: WMoT Session 9 Pt. 3 - "I wish we had a healer!"

Battle Rages!  The party is pushed on to the brink of death by their assailant! Ludmila, Chunt, Keflex, Cuthulion and Darvon all mix their lifeblood with the murky waters of the cave!Hope you like it! Shoot us a message on Facebook or Twitter @redhandrol...


 2018-04-10  48m

episode 3: WMoT Session 9 Pt. 2 - Detecto Magico

Welcome back adventurers!  We continue to follow the adventures in the Mossy Cave, the aged Elf who has been seen in the area is nowehere to be found and the party decides to head deeper into the caves where they encounter some strange lights and strange...


 2018-04-10  1h5m

episode 2: WMoT Session 9 Pt. 1 - The Party heads North!

Welcome back adventurers!  On this first (recorded) episode of the West Marches of Thule we find Darvon, a halfling rouge, Cuthulion, the wood elf scout, Ludmilla, the Half-orc Soldier, Chuntt the sailor, and Keflex the elf botanist wizard, heading north...


 2018-04-10  1h0m

episode 1: West Marches of Thule Teaser

Hello you wonderful people out there! Jonathan, one of the DM's here.Thanks for checking us out and listening to our debut episode! Here is a teaser for our upcoming game called the West Marches of Thule. This game will follow around twenty friends as th...


 2018-04-09  4m