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We are an ENnie-award winning podcast that plays roleplaying games set in dark worlds.

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episode 1: Curse of Strahd 01: Beregost 1391 DR

The storm is raging tonight over the town of Beregost. Wind and rain pelt the town with a fury odd for this time of year. A thick mist has also descended upon the town causing many tonight to be staying firmly indoors. The hour is late, yet there still seems to be some activity occurring at the old “Burning Wizard” inn. It is here that Dawnbringer Roman will meet the half-orc Roshik. It is here our story will begin. Follow us… into the mist...


 2018-04-06  55m

episode 40: The Black Madonna: Q&A

A big thank you to all who sent in questions regarding our playthrough of “The Black Madonna”. We answered every question we got and hope that you will enjoy our answers. With this we close the book on “The Black Madonna” and bid it a fond farewell. Next Friday it’s time for our new campaign, “Curse of Strahd” for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition with Craig as the Dungeon Master. Campaign: "The Black Madonna", KULT: Divinity Lost Music by: Atrium Carceri


 2018-04-01  1h44m

episode 39: The Black Madonna: Postmortem

The Black Madonna: Postmortem That’s it. It’s over. After 17 play sessions and 35 episodes we have finally finished “The Black Madonna” for KULT: Divinity Lost. The journey took us from Hamburg to Berlin, Frankfurt-an-der-Oder, Moscow and finally Leningrad. Listen to us talk at length about our experiences in this postmortem that was recorded two days after we finished the campaign, back in mid-December of last year...


 2018-03-31  2h3m

episode 38: The Black Madonna 35: Victory Day

The Great Patriotic War came to define the soul of the Soviet Union. It was a brutal, merciless slaughter and the Soviet war dead, both civilian and military, is estimated at 25 million people. 1.5 million of those died at the Siege of Leningrad. It was the sacrifice and perseverance of the people of the Soviet Union that ultimately defeated Nazi Germany...


 2018-03-30  1h14m

episode 37: The Black Madonna 34: Gorbachev

Mikhail Sergeyvich Gorbachev was the eighth and last leader of the Soviet Union. He launched the policies of glasnost and perestroika, allowed free speech and established elected legislatures at every level of power. His goal was not the destruction of the Soviet Union or the dismantling of the communist state, it was to modernize and reform the country...


 2018-03-29  40m

episode 36: Interview with Gunilla Jonsson and Michael Petersen

A dream came true for us when we got the chance to have a lengthy conversation with Gunilla Jonsson and Michael Petersen, the designers of the The Black Madonna and the original KULT that came out in 1991. Today they are working on new material for KULT: Divinity Lost as well as a novel set in the universe, and we got an opportunity to talk to them about the history of the game, as well as the future!


 2018-03-28  42m

episode 35: Interview with Petter Nallo, Helmgast

The man behind the mythos in KULT: Divinity Lost is the acclaimed Swedish master of horrors, Petter Nallo. We had the opportunity to spend an hour with him talking about the process of making KULT: Divinity Lost, the vision that the team at Helmgast has and also some exciting thoughts about the future. We hope that you will find this interview… enlightening.


 2018-03-27  1h3m

episode 34: The Black Madonna 33: OMON

OMON, Otryad Militsii Osobogo Naznacheniya (the Special Purpose Police Unit) were created as the special forces of the Soviet police in 1988. It is a paramilitary force and used without hesitation to violently crack down on demonstrations and riots. They were also used extensively during the dissolution of the Soviet Union as well as the later conflict in Chechnya. Their signature is the black berets that they wear...


 2018-03-23  45m

episode 33: The Black Madonna 32: Chumak

Allan Chumak was a faith healer whose TV show was popular in the years before the fall of the Soviet Union. Having lost their faith in communism and their government the populace turned to the supernatural and the “extrasensory powers” of Chumak. It was believed that he was capable of “distance-healing” and could make any liquid become a medicine able to heal illnesses...


 2018-03-16  43m

episode 32: The Black Madonna 31: Fulcrum

Mikoyan Gurevich 29, MiG-29. A beautiful killer, commissioned by Soviet High Command in 1969 specifically to dominate the air and counter the threat posed by the F-15 and F-16 fighter platforms. NATO designated it “Fulcrum”, one of the more flattering designations given to a Soviet aircraft. When the wall fell and Germany was reunited, the new German state retained a number of MiG-29s from the former East German Nationale Volksarmee...


 2018-03-09  44m