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We are an ENnie-award winning podcast that plays roleplaying games set in dark worlds.

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episode 34: The Black Madonna 33: OMON

OMON, Otryad Militsii Osobogo Naznacheniya (the Special Purpose Police Unit) were created as the special forces of the Soviet police in 1988. It is a paramilitary force and used without hesitation to violently crack down on demonstrations and riots. They were also used extensively during the dissolution of the Soviet Union as well as the later conflict in Chechnya. Their signature is the black berets that they wear...


 2018-03-23  45m

episode 33: The Black Madonna 32: Chumak

Allan Chumak was a faith healer whose TV show was popular in the years before the fall of the Soviet Union. Having lost their faith in communism and their government the populace turned to the supernatural and the “extrasensory powers” of Chumak. It was believed that he was capable of “distance-healing” and could make any liquid become a medicine able to heal illnesses...


 2018-03-16  43m

episode 32: The Black Madonna 31: Fulcrum

Mikoyan Gurevich 29, MiG-29. A beautiful killer, commissioned by Soviet High Command in 1969 specifically to dominate the air and counter the threat posed by the F-15 and F-16 fighter platforms. NATO designated it “Fulcrum”, one of the more flattering designations given to a Soviet aircraft. When the wall fell and Germany was reunited, the new German state retained a number of MiG-29s from the former East German Nationale Volksarmee...


 2018-03-09  44m

episode 31: The Black Madonna 30: Polygal

Hauptsturmführer Sigmund Rascher was a doctor with the SS and, through his wife, a personal friend of Himmler. During the war he conducted several horrific human experiments at the concentration camp in Dachau. He had prisoners put in pressure chambers, trying to simulate the change in pressure that pilots falling freely from very high altitudes would experience. He also put prisoners in icewater tanks for hours, trying to find ways of curing hypothermia...


 2018-03-02  49m

episode 30: The Black Madonna 29: Metapolitics

Especially among the far-right , the term ”metapolitics” is used to refer to activities that try to influence the political climate and politicians, without necessarily running in an election and hoping to win...


 2018-02-23  50m

episode 29: The Black Madonna 28: Lictor

Romulus, the first king of Rome, appointed 12 lictors to attend him. The lictors were bodyguards, strongly built men and often Centurions retired from the legion. They were assigned to Rome's emperors, magistrates and consuls. They carried fasces, bundles of wood sometimes including an axe with its blade emerging. This symbolized their power to, upon their master's command, punish Roman citizens and carry out capital punishment...


 2018-02-16  46m

episode 28: The Black Madonna 27: Sonnenrad

The ideological center of the SS was at Wewelsburg castle in North Rhine-Westphalia. The organization was very interested in esoteric concepts and mysticism and it is believed that the castle still holds many secrets. One of them is in the Obergruppenführer hall, a room held up by twelve columns and with a dark sun symbol embedded in the floor. It is said that the floor design was made on the request of Himmler based on an "old Aryan emblem"...


 2018-02-09  47m

episode 27: The Black Madonna 26: White Aggression

“Vit Aggression” was a Swedish white power music group active during the late 80’s and 90’s. The members were affiliated with the Swedish branch of the Neo-Nazi organization “White Aryan Resistance” and they named their first album “Död åt Zog”, or “ Death to the Zionist Occupational Government”. Their sound is a mix between punk rock and heavy metal fairly typical for bands active on the white power scene In 1998 Vit Aggression played at the Brottby Neo-Nazi rock concert...


 2018-02-02  1h1m

episode 26: The Black Madonna 25: The Copenhagen MC War

In the waning days of 1980 the motorcycle gang “United MC” made history by becoming the first chapter of the Hells Angels in Scandinavia. This was not a move welcomed by their rivals who in response formed a crew designed specifically to counter the influence of the Hells Angels. The crew was called “Bullshit MC” and made their home in Christiania, the free town in Copenhagen were the trade in cannabis was tolerated...


 2018-01-26  51m

episode 25: The Black Madonna 24: Decree 770

In 1967 the Romanian Communist Party, under Nicolae Ceaușescu, issued Decree 770. The decree banned abortion in all but a few cases and banned contraception. The goal was to counter the drop in births that had begun as a result of the high female labor participation and liberal abortion policies. Sex education was even changed to focus on the benefits of motherhood, mothers bearing many children being seen as heroes...


 2018-01-19  50m