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episode 278: RED 278: The Live Event Opportunity

This is a followup to my with . No matter how you cut things, producing a live event is difficult, but it's even more difficult right now thanks to COVID-19.  However, right now is also a great opportunity to jump into doing live events, if...



episode 277: RED 277: Your First Live Event w/ Amy Broghamer

In a way, my entire business was built on live events. As you can imagine, for somebody in the music industry, live events are extremely important to selling music, building connection with fans, getting the word out about an artist. I've produced...



episode 276: RED 276: Book Launch Behind-The-Scenes w/ Tripp Lanier

Tripp Lanier is back to discuss the behind-the-scenes of writing, publishing, and launching his new book, . For the last decade, Tripp has run a very successful coaching business. He's host of the popular podcast, . Why wait so long to write a book?...


 2020-07-08  37m

episode 275: RED 275: When I Felt Trapped In My Business, I Called Tripp Lanier

It's very common to get in a business, partnership, or life situation that was working for you at one time, but is no longer working for you. Plans change. People change. Then what? You can keep going in the direction you're going and get what you get...


 2020-07-06  39m

episode 274: RED 274: Behind-The-Scenes Of An Expert Business w/ Nick Loper

Remember when I used to have a co-host? Laurel isn't on the podcast anymore, but her impact is definitely felt on this episode since she was the one who introduced me to my guest, Nick Loper. Nick has a site and podcast called , which helps people...


 2020-06-19  53m

episode 273: RED 273: Better Podcast Interviews w/ Zita Christian

This is Part 2 of my conversation with the oldest podcaster I know, Zita Christian. I sat on this a couple of weeks due to what's happening in the US around Black Lives Matter and changes around the way we look at and talk about race in the US. I've...


 2020-06-18  26m

episode 272: RED 272: The 70-Year-Old Podcaster w/ Zita Christian

A few months ago, a company wanted me for a podcasting job and working with Pro Tools was part of the deal. Why? I don't know, but it was a good opportunity for me, so I considered it... ...until I started working with Pro Tools. Don't get me wrong,...


 2020-05-24  35m

episode 271: RED 271: How To Keep Moving Forward In Quarantine (Or Anytime)

In the last episode, Eric Moss and I talked about a feat of strength that I try to explain in this episode, but it's better explained . How can you, as a business owner, continue to do your "trick" as you age? Like Slim "The Hammer Man" Farman's feats...


 2020-05-23  17m


The was just released and to celebrate, the . THIS IS TODAY ONLY. Get it now before you forget.


 2020-05-08  2m

episode 270: RED 270: The Strongman Experience w/ Eric Moss

Eric Moss has one of those jobs you've heard of but didn't think really exists – he's a professional strongman. You can learn a lot from him, especially when it comes to spreading your message via live events. If you're curious about what it takes...


 2020-05-05  41m