The Redesign Your Body Podcast

A podcast focused on helping you lose weight & grow into a happier and healthier person who can sustain their health achievements 365 days a year. Host Jake is an over-comer of chronic back pain, mental health struggles and has changed his body through his holistic lifestyle approach without diets.

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episode 76: What we've learned in season 3

A summary of season 3 and annoucements for season 4. *Coming soon - 6 Facts About Wellbeing You Need to Know



episode 75: Neurophysiology, Brain Training & Peak Performance with Toby Pasman

Neurophysiology is the study of nerve cells as they receive and transmit information. It is a branch of physiology and neuroscience that focuses on the functioning of the nervous system. Join Toby Pasman and I as we discuss Brain Training, Peak...



episode 74: Reaching Sovereign Fitness with Alex Bernier

Have you ever wanted to be able to maintain your health all on your own without needing help? It's very rare to see these days, but there are people in the world absolutely crushing it on their own after years of hard work. In this episode, Alex...



episode 73: Cultivating a better relationship with food - Danni Illingworth

"I’ve always been interested in natural health so started studying naturopathy, and it evolved from there! Kinesiology now allows me to work with the emotions & mindset as well as the physical body." Connect with Dannielle here:...



episode 72: Homeless to Inspiring Health Leader - Kane Patterson

Kane's story is a very unique one. He was born to a mother on drugs and in and out of foster care for the majority of his childhood. He had his first taste of drugs around 15 after moving back to his Mother's home and then lost 11 years of his life. ...



episode 71: Be a Battle Warrior - Chad Smith

Chad Smith and Jake Pearson shoot the breeze on what it takes to be a battle warrior, how Chad overcome his pain pill & pornography addiction and what it was like for him to have his lightbulb moment that changed everything. Connect with Chad...


 2021-08-22  48m

episode 70: Healing Our Anxiety - Aaron Cartwright - Men's Anxiety Coach

'How do I heal my anxiety? Where did my anxiety start? What is anxiety?' If you ask yourselves these questions, this is the podcast for you. Aaron is an Aussie, currently living in South Australia where he helps Men overcome their Anxiety. Connect...


 2021-08-15  58m

episode 68: Shift Work, Parenting, Injuries & Adversity - Stix Gadsby

Stix is a client of mine who has struggled with injuries, managing to parent and being a shift worker all at once. I'd love for you to hear his relatable story and have a few key takeaways from the episode. Stix also hosts his own online metal radio...


 2021-08-08  1h5m

episode 68: Natalie Jurado - The benefits of Magnesium

A beautiful discussion on how Magnesium and how it can help you take another step towards your health and wellness goals. Follow Natalie @berootedin on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest Resources Visit for more ongoing support.


 2021-08-01  33m

episode 67: Adam Skrobalak on AFL Player Mindset Qualities

AFL Assistant Coach Adam Skrobalak and Jake Pearson discuss draft picks, what the teams look for in young players and how athletes have to respond to criticism, being dropped from senior-level football and the judgement they receive from social media....


 2021-07-26  30m