The Redesign Your Body Podcast

A podcast focused on helping you lose weight & grow into a happier and healthier person who can sustain their health achievements 365 days a year. Host Jake is an over-comer of chronic back pain, mental health struggles and has changed his body through his holistic lifestyle approach without diets.

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episode 64: Managing Emotional & Physical Burnout

Burnout is incredibly real, it stems from overworking yourself in the absence of good diet, sleep, exercise and hobbies. If you find yourself burning out, this is for you. Tools & Resources Get access to our podcast community, free lifestyle...



episode 63: We know what to eat, but why don't we eat it?

We know what to eat, but why don't we eat it? What is the science behind nutritional reluctance? Tools & Resources Don't forget to claim your free resources by joining our private Facebook group - - chat with other podcast fans!



episode 62: The Demotivators of Weightloss

Introducing demotivators. Demotivators can often be the reason why we have to rely on motivation in the first place.   They are possibly the real reason why you're struggling to keep up the momentum in your life, as they are holding you back. ...



episode 61: Your permission to be curious

When did it become a chore to learn something new? When did the fun get sucked out of learning & being creative? Why is it that when it comes to learning more about our own body & wellbeing, that we'd rather take a short route than a...



episode 60: The definition of your health

The very definition of health is different for everyone who has it. For everyone alive today, if you were to ask the same question to 1 million people and get a detailed answer-back, their view on the topic would be different. Although it may align...


 2021-03-21  14m

episode 59: Sleep - The Pandora's Box your best health

Download 'The Road to Healthy Sleep' Ebook from   Sleep is often looked at last when it comes looking for signs & symptoms of ill health when it really should be one of the 1st aspects looked at to identify where things may be going...


 2021-03-14  48m

episode 58: How to manage your Overthinking & Worry

Overthinking & worry keep us up at night. They keep us from reaching our true potential and becoming the main character in our life as they plague our mind like a virus. This episode comes from a cultivated experience of Jake's on how you can...


 2021-03-07  24m

episode 57: Rebuilding Your Confidence

Rebuilding your confidence is hard when it's hit a rock bottom. Self esteem, the negative language you use about yourself, avoiding mirrors, devaluing yourself based on your physical capabilities, it is an endless pit that is hard to get out of. ...


 2021-02-28  32m

episode 56: Short Term Pain for Long Term Gain

“Be willing to pass through a short-term pain so that you can come out with a long-term gain. Don't fear the horrible waves of the waters; just dare to cross and you get there!”   “Short-term pain leads to long-term gain. Lessons, as...


 2021-02-21  24m

episode 55: Are Meal Plans worth your time?

Q: Do you think meal plans are worth your time, money and energy? To be honest with you, there are pro's and con's of meal plans, depending on the outcome your looking for. They can play a role in weightloss, strength gain, building muscle etc. But...


 2021-02-14  28m