Relative Dimension

A Shadowrun actual play Podcast.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 58m. Bisher sind 124 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast


episode 96: Tomb of Annihilation, Episode 001

Relative Dimension presents Dungeons & Dragons, Tomb of Annihilation.While this is episode 1 of the ToA stream/playthrough, this is the 3rd session that we played.  The first 2 sessions were a prequel, and if you want to watch them, you can find them on ...


 2019-08-22  1h16m

episode 95: The Forsaken Frontier, e006. The Howling

Welcome to the Relative Dimension.  In this episode, a child goes missing, and the posse is on the case. . .


 2019-05-08  1h18m

episode 94: The Forsaken Frontier, e005. Bug Hunt

In this episode, the posse continues their search for the Queen Prairie Tick. 


 2019-03-20  1h18m

episode 93: TFF, Episode 004. Prairie Ticks

We are experiencing some audio issues in this episode, and likely the next one.  I tried to correct as much as I could,. but too much more would have meant practically deleting all of the corrupted audio and not having much of obe of the player's presenc...


 2019-02-11  55m

episode 92: Shadowrum, Episode 016: Italian Roast.

The group has their wards, and is brewing up something to help them get through the job.


 2019-01-26  1h34m

episode 91: The Forsaken Frontier, Episode 003. Another Death

The town meeting is interrupted with bad news.  Is our killer at it again?  Tune in and find out.


 2019-01-06  1h1m

episode 90: Shadowrum, Episode 015: Secreting Bullets.

The group takes a job that feels like a rush. In order to provide the protection, though, first they have to find their ward.


 2019-01-06  1h23m

episode 89: Shadowrum, Episode 014: Saturday Morning Cartoons:

Finishing up the fight at the preschool problem.


 2018-12-26  36m

episode 88: TFF, Episode 002. Ambush

Relative Dimension presents The Forsaken Frontier.  A Deadlands 20th Anniversary Edition Actual Play PodcastIn this episode, Sonny faces an ambush, and the town still reacts to this recent hangin' If you would like to affect the show, you can help the pl...


 2018-12-04  48m

episode 87: TFF episode 001, Let's Start with a Hangin'

Welcome to the Weird West!  This is our first session of Deadlands: The Forsaken Frontier.  I decided to include the entire session for this episode, so it will go longer than the rest of the episodes.  Also, there's some audio issues towards the end of ...


 2018-11-12  1h46m