Relative Dimension

A Shadowrun actual play Podcast.

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episode 99: Tomb of Annihilation, Session 03

Welcome to the Relative Dimension.  We are starting with session 3 because this was the start of the Tomb of Annihilation campaign.  The first 2 sessions were a prequel, where the group got introduced to each other, and ran through a tweaked version of t...


 2020-01-04  2h28m

episode 98: Cyberpunk Red, The Apartment. Part 1

Welcome to the Relative Dimension.Tonight is part 1 of the adventure from the Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart kit, The Apartment.  One of the players was new to Cyberpunk entirely, while the other had played 2020 in the past, so I left some of the game discussio...


 2020-01-01  1h22m

episode 97: St. George.

It's the next morning, and someone's come knocking to negotiate.  [Also, first giveaway for the podcast.]


 2019-12-05  48m

episode 96: Tomb of Annihilation, Episode 001

Relative Dimension presents Dungeons & Dragons, Tomb of Annihilation.While this is episode 1 of the ToA stream/playthrough, this is the 3rd session that we played.  The first 2 sessions were a prequel, and if you want to watch them, you can find them on ...


 2019-08-22  1h16m

episode 95: The Forsaken Frontier, e006. The Howling

Welcome to the Relative Dimension.  In this episode, a child goes missing, and the posse is on the case. . .


 2019-05-08  1h18m

episode 94: The Forsaken Frontier, e005. Bug Hunt

In this episode, the posse continues their search for the Queen Prairie Tick. 


 2019-03-20  1h18m

episode 93: TFF, Episode 004. Prairie Ticks

We are experiencing some audio issues in this episode, and likely the next one.  I tried to correct as much as I could,. but too much more would have meant practically deleting all of the corrupted audio and not having much of obe of the player's presenc...


 2019-02-11  55m

episode 92: Shadowrum, Episode 016: Italian Roast.

The group has their wards, and is brewing up something to help them get through the job.


 2019-01-26  1h34m

episode 91: The Forsaken Frontier, Episode 003. Another Death

The town meeting is interrupted with bad news.  Is our killer at it again?  Tune in and find out.


 2019-01-06  1h1m

episode 90: Shadowrum, Episode 015: Secreting Bullets.

The group takes a job that feels like a rush. In order to provide the protection, though, first they have to find their ward.


 2019-01-06  1h23m