Release Notes

Release Notes is a weekly podcast about building online businesses and financial freedom. We discuss inspiration, design, marketing, promotion, business, trends, and tools – everything but the code. Each week, we cover topics for the new or curious independent developer looking to launch or grow online business. Whether your business is SaaS, desktop software, mobile apps, consulting, or a productized service, here you’ll find tips for success as well as warnings about the pitfalls we’ve encountered along the way. The show is hosted by Charles Perry, owner of RelaNet, and Joe Cieplinski, Creative Director of Bombing Brain Interactive.

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#372: Screaming at the Clouds

Today we talk about some of the announcements made at WWDC 2020 from a business perspective. We discuss some of the technical changes made to iOS, changes announced for testing IAP, updates to the iOS App Store review guidelines,



#371: Adding the Word “Email” to That List

Today we weigh in on Basecamp and their app’s recent rejection from the App Store. We talk about what should have been foreseen by Basecamp, Apple’s relationship with its developer community, and daydream about how Apple might “fix” this problem for th...



#370: I Had To Work For It

Today we talk about how Charles resolved the pricing dilemma we discussed a couple weeks ago. We talk about the features he added to existing plans, the new Team plan he created, and how he is presenting all of this new information on his website.



#369: Chaotic Neutral

Today we talk about our new laptops! Joe got a new 13-inch MacBook Pro, and Charles got a new Dell XPS 13 running Linux. We talk about the new hardware, how the two laptops compare, and Charles’ experience with Linux so far.



#368: Curtis Herbert (part 2)

Today we continue our conversation with Curtis Herbert about his iOS app Slopes and his work to bring it to Android. Curtis talks to us today about his experience hiring a developer for the first time, his attitude towards managing risk in his business...


 2020-06-01  30m

#367: Curtis Herbert

Today we talk to Curtis Herbert about his iOS app Slopes and his work to bring it to Android. Curtis shares the story of hiring and firing an Android developer and the effect that this year’s weather and pandemic had on revenue.


 2020-05-25  29m

#366: Your Customers Can Add

Today we talk to Charles about the new features that RelaNet will soon be offering, and how he plans to incorporate them into his pricing. We talk about his plans to offer a more expensive team plan, what that plan might look like,


 2020-05-18  33m

#365: The Transitive Property of Programming

Release Notes Happy Hour on May 14! See show notes for details. So, it turns out that Joe is Android-curious. Today we talk to him about his interest in learning Android development, the current market for Android developers,


 2020-05-11  35m

#364: A Full-Fledged Fork

Today Charles talks more about the e-signature solution that he settled on, and how he is using the product’s vendor as a pseudo-low-cost contractor to get the custom changes he needs in the short-term and the training he needs to maintain the product ...


 2020-05-04  30m

#363: A Couple of Boo Boos

Today Charles shares the story of how he crashed a server and survived a self-inflicted DDOS, all in one week. We talk about the backstory, the recovery, and lessons learned. Mailing List Every month there are more great articles and content about the ...


 2020-04-27  29m