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REMAINIACS is a no flim flam Brexit podcast for everyone who knows that leaving the EU won't be un morceau de gateau. We're not sick of experts and we won't shut up and get over it. Presented by Dorian Lynskey of The Guardian with Ian Dunt of, Naomi Smith of Best For Britain (personal capacity only!), Ros Taylor of the LSE (personal capacity only, again), Alex Andreou AKA @SturdyAlex, German-Nepalese journalist Nina Schick, actor Ingrid Oliver and scores of special guests. Follow us on Twitter at @RemainiacsCast (! Support us on Patreon and #OwnTheRemoan: Our YouTube channel is here:

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episode 125: Guests LED BY DONKEYS: How they hacked Brexit Britain’s brain

They put tweets that Brexiters would rather forget on giant billboards, chased Farage around the country with reminders of his lies, and annoyed loony-right glove puppet Guido Fawkes so much he outed them for spite. Now guerrilla artists and Remainiac heroes LED BY DONKEYS ( join us on the podcast to tell us what it’s like when an idea in the pub goes on to the country alight...



episode 124: THE AMBASSADOR’S RECEPTION plus guest Wes Streeting MP

So much for the Special Relationship… In an unprecedented week in which PM-to-be Boris Johnson effectively fired Britain’s ambassador to the USA to placate a bullying Donald Trump, we look into Britain’s humiliating future as a taker of orders from bigger international players. Plus independent-minded Labour MP for Ilford North WES STREETING joins us to explain what the party’s shift of Brexit policy means...



episode 123: RISE OF THE TROLLITICIANS plus comedian Kieran Hodgson on the lessons of 1975

As the Brexit Party Ltd’s antics in Strasbourg grow more obnoxious, does the future belong to “trolliticians” who don’t really want to achieve anything – they just want to ruin everything around them? Should Vladimir Putin’s pronouncement that “liberalism is dead” worry us? And character comedian KIERAN HODGSON joins us to explain how his show ‘75’ – about the first EU referendum, and returning to London and Edinburgh soon – tells us much about the 2016 one...



episode 122: POWER, CORRUPTION AND LIES with Brian Klaas, author of How To Rig An Election

As the Tory leadership race is buried under an avalanche of dead cats, we’re joined by political analyst Brian Klaas – assistant professor of global politics at UCL, expert on authoritarianism, electoral malpractice and how democracies die, author of How To Rig An Election, and host of the Power Corrupts podcast ( ...



episode 121: A PANTOMIME OF DEMOCRACY plus guest Caroline Criado-Perez

This one’s in danger of being superseded by events so it’s out a day early… We recorded it just a little too soon to catch the heroic demise of Rory Stewart. But we did catch the latest Blue on Blue atrocities from the Tory leadership squabble, plus depressing research that shows the British people are more hostile to compromise than ever. Meanwhile, indestructible feminist warrior CAROLINE CRIADO-PEREZ joins us to discuss the March for Change (https://www.bestforbritain...



episode 120: PROROGUE ONE: A Tory Wars Story with guest Anand Menon

This week ANAND MENON – commentator, director of UK In A Changing Europe and Moriarty to Ian Dunt’s Sherlock Holmes – joins us in our fancy new studio to perform triage on the Tory leadership battle and all the latest Brexit catastrophes.  On the podcast: ‘My Gove Hell, by Cocaine’. Are tax cuts for the rich the bold move the Left Behinds cried out for in 2016? Why Dominic Raab wants to destroy parliamentary sovereignty in order to save it. Peterborough fall-out. And a whole lot more...


 2019-06-14  1h3m

episode 119: Into PurgaTORY with special guest DOMINIC GRIEVE MP

It’s a big one this week as the redoubtable DOMINIC GRIEVE MP – former Attorney General, unbowed People’s Vote advocate, hate figure for the foaming Brexit press and the first Tory MP to appear on Remainiacs – joins us in the bunker for some deep Brexit analysis.


 2019-06-07  1h12m

episode 118: ANARCHY IN THE UK? EU elections aftermath special

Who REALLY won the EU elections, the #DeniedMyVote scandal, the ruins of Labour and the Tories… and how can unabashed Remainers make the most of their strong showing?


 2019-05-31  1h9m

episode 117: VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL Our trade future with guest Dmitry Grozoubinski

This week on Britain’s biggest independent Brexit podcast, trade expert Dmitry Grozoubinski explains what No Deal really means… and much more.


 2019-05-23  1h2m

episode 116: SPECIAL EDITION: Candidate-packed Euro Elections hustings-cast!

Surprise special edition incoming… It’s Euro elections week and lots of us STILL don’t know who to vote for. On Friday 17 May we brought together people from the key national parties who are hunting the Remainer vote to make their pitch in semi-husting...


 2019-05-19  1h11m