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REMAINIACS is a no flim flam Brexit podcast for everyone who knows that leaving the EU won't be un morceau de gateau. We're not sick of experts and we won't shut up and get over it. Presented by Dorian Lynskey of The Guardian with Ian Dunt of, Naomi Smith of Best For Britain (personal capacity only!), Ros Taylor of the LSE (personal capacity only, again), Alex Andreou AKA @SturdyAlex, German-Nepalese journalist Nina Schick, actor Ingrid Oliver and scores of special guests. Follow us on Twitter at @RemainiacsCast (! Support us on Patreon and #OwnTheRemoan: Our YouTube channel is here:

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episode 170: Panicky in the UK?

REMOTELY RECORDED FOR YOUR HYGIENE… Has the deepening Corona crisis rendered the Brexiteers’ plans for economic nirvana obsolete? Why the EU’s big financial guns are coming out. Special guest Charlotte Potts – London politica...


 2020-03-27  57m

episode 169: At War With The Invisible Enemy

RECORDED FROM SECRET BUNKERS ACROSS EUROPE… As the Corona Crisis deepens, is the Government blowing its response? Will Fortress Britain have to request an extension to our transition out of EU arrangements? Guest Mike Galsworthy of Scientists ...


 2020-03-20  1h2m

episode 168: The Coronacession – plus Dark Money brought to light

Crisis? What, MORE crisis? How well is plucky Brexit Britain set up to cope up with the Coronacession? (Spoiler: badly). Investigative academic Seth Alexander Thévoz shows the breathtaking power of untraceable dark money in UK elections – and ...


 2020-03-13  51m

episode 166: Britain self-isolates

As the Coronavirus bites, the government decides it’s a good time to cut us off from the EU Pandemic Warning system. PLUS: who makes the Nazis? HOPE Not Hate’s Nick Lowles on how Brexit rolled out the carpet for the extreme right, up to and including a...


 2020-03-06  57m

episode 166: Big Trouble in Little Britain – plus guests Cornershop

On Radio Free European Britain this week… The Independent’s sketch writer Tom Peck on our politics’ descent into self-lacerating madness. Heroes of Remain and creators of our theme tune Cornershop join us to discuss their new album ‘England Is...


 2020-02-28  54m

episode 165: Points-Based Immolation

The Government’s immigration plans are out and yes, they’re every bit as narrow, vindictive, boneheaded, vicious and philistine as we expected. What next when the hostile environment leaves the people who voted for it without the health care and other ...


 2020-02-21  55m

episode 164: Keeping The Lights On for EU citizens

(This episode recorded just before Sajid Javid got Cummingsed…) The long campaign for our EU friends and neighbours is on. As Johnson’s government breaks its promises to UK-resident EU citizens daily, MONIQUE HAWKINS of campaigning group the3million up...


 2020-02-14  52m

episode 163: Order! The one with JOHN BERCOW

Clear the lobby for special guest JOHN BERCOW, the most controversial Speaker in recent history. He visits Remainiacs to talk about his time in charge of Commons at war, his new autobiography Unspeakable, what Remain got wrong, David Cameron’s disastro...


 2020-02-07  1h3m

BONUS: Our new politics podcast THE BUNKER

If there was ever a good day to try our new, no-Brexit politics podcast THE BUNKER then it’s today, Friday 31 Jan. Every Wednesday we’ll be talking about the wider world of politics with voices both familiar and new. Subscribe to THE BUNKER (or bookmar...


 2020-01-31  1m

episode 162: Brexit Day: Not with a bong but a whimper

Our bloody but unbowed Brexit Day edition. As Britain slopes out of the EU like an embarrassed pub drunk, Leaver triumphalism is strangely muted. Is the Brexiters’ victory is beginning to feel a little hollow? Maybe the REAL Brexit was the enemies we m...


 2020-01-31  56m