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REMAINIACS is a no flim flam Brexit podcast for everyone who knows that leaving the EU won't be un morceau de gateau. We're not sick of experts and we won't shut up and get over it. Presented by Dorian Lynskey of The Guardian with Ian Dunt of, Naomi Smith of Best For Britain (personal capacity only!), Ros Taylor of the LSE (personal capacity only, again), Alex Andreou AKA @SturdyAlex, German-Nepalese journalist Nina Schick, actor Ingrid Oliver and scores of special guests. Follow us on Twitter at @RemainiacsCast (! Support us on Patreon and #OwnTheRemoan: Our YouTube channel is here:

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episode 105: Special edition: TONY BLAIR on this week’s crisis, how to win another Referendum and more

It’s a big one. TONY BLAIR, former Labour Prime Minister and now head of his Global Institute, talks to Dorian, Naomi and Ian about escape routes from the current Parliamentary chaos, how his own policies relate to the roots of Brexit, what a good Prim...


 2019-03-22  38m

episode 104: EDGE OF DESTRUCTION: Time runs out with guests Roland Smith and David Allen Green

With Brexit literally hours away, we convene Leaver-turned-Article-50-Revoker **ROLAND SMITH** and law and policy expert **DAVID ALLEN GREEN** to stare into the abyss. How did we get here? What could happen next? Has May engineered a Hobson’s Choice be...


 2019-03-20  1h4m

episode 103: AFTERMATHCAST: Ok, so what exactly happened in Brexit’s latest Hell Week?

After a week like that we just had to reconvene and perform triage on the Deal, the People’s Vote, the state of May’s governmental authority and all the other walking wounded of the Brexit Infinity War. **Dorian Lynksey**, **Ian Dunt** and producer **A...


 2019-03-15  30m

episode 102: BREXIT: FINAL FANTASY? with special guests LAYLA MORAN MP and Tim McInerney of The Irish Passport

The flaming wreckage of The Deal is all around us (yet again) but what happens next? Can Theresa May salvage anything from her plans and career? Is there enough turd polish around to give the Deal another go-round? What even is Malthouse 2.0? And is it...


 2019-03-13  1h8m

episode 101: THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM: We look at Brexit bribery, Ladies For Leave and the elephants in the room

This week, the last desperate moves before next week’s descent in the Hellmouth of Final Votes. Has Theresa May’s attempts to **bribe Labour MPs** from Leave constituencies backfired? Just how wobbly is **Labour’s “commitment” to a People’s Vote**? And...


 2019-03-08  1h5m

episode 100: PODCAST #100! May’s delay, Labour People’s Vote flip, Common Market 2.0, Ireland and more

Huge thanks to May and Corbyn for laying on some quality material for our **extended 100th podcast**. Labour finally, finally comes out for a People’s Vote. But what needs to happen first? Can TIG claim credit? And are we in for another grudging 60% ca...


 2019-02-28  1h8m

episode 99: THE NOTORIOUS T.I.G. – with special guest Cristo Foufas

EMERGENCY RELEASE AS EVENTS GO CRAZY YET AGAIN. The dam finally breaks in the most dramatic week in Brexit since… January? Eight Labour MPs including Luciana Berger and Chuka Umunna quit Labour over anti-semitism and Corbyn’s intransigence over Brexit....


 2019-02-21  1h3m

episode 98: PODCLASH SPECIAL! Remainiacs meet Cakewatch in EU summit conference

It’s a special edition of Remainiacs as we welcome our brothers-in-podcasting STEVE BULLOCK AKA [@GuitarMoog]( (left) and CHRIS KENDALL AKA [@ottocrat]( of the brilliant [Cakewatch](https://ca...


 2019-02-15  1h7m

episode 97: CAVALIERS vs. ROUNDHEADS with guest MARK GATISS of League Of Gentlemen

This is a LOCAL podcast for LOCAL people… We are thrilled to have the great **MARK GATISS** – writer, star of ‘The League Of Gentlemen‘, 'Sherlock' and 'Doctor Who', and five-star unyielding Remainer – as this week’s special guest on Remainiacs.  List...


 2019-02-08  1h4m

episode 96: WELCOME TO FANTASY ISLAND plus our first Leaver guest, Oliver Norgrove

SPEED RELEASE TO KEEP UP WITH EVENTS: As Parliament delivers “a masterclass in cowardice” on the Withdrawal Bill and the May Government escapes into a world of pure imagination, **Ros Taylor**, **Ian Dunt** and new panelist **Melissa Chemam** convene t...


 2019-01-31  1h3m