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Three Rubyists having conversations and interviewing others about Ruby and web development.

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episode 156: Live from RubyConf 2021!

Welcome to Remote Ruby and thanks for joining us! We are LIVE from Denver at RubyConf 2021 with a big podcast crossover episode. Today, we have Jemma Issroff who is one of the co-hosts of the Ruby on Rails podcast and is moderating this panel. We have t



episode 155: RubyConf 2021 | Talks We Liked and People We Met

Today, the conversation is all about RubyConf. You can just hear it in their voices how much fun they had just being with all their friends, catching up, eating out, and lots of great talks they went to. You won’t want to miss finding out the two things



episode 154: Andrew and Jasons Mall Stories and Elixir

Any Rocket League players out there? Andrew is looking for anyone who is interested and wants to play with him, but just so you know, he is a gold ranked player! In other exciting news, the guys finally have that long awaited talk about Elixir, we hear



episode 153: Ruby on the Apple M1 Max And Things You Expect To Be Fine But Arent

Today, we have Chris and Andrew in the house talking about how long their week was filled with a delay of windows at Chris’s house and Andrew shipping a new project at work. Let’s hope they can look through the glass to a better week ahead! In this episo



episode 152: Destroy Async, Miss Hannigan, Wisper, and Parcel

We get an update about Jason’s power outage that happened last week, Chris tell us about an exciting point his house is at right now, and Jason has a billion dollar business idea for Chris that has to do with Pringles and shingles, and sadly Andrew puts t


 2021-10-29  49m

episode 151: Turbo Native & Hotwire - How Polywork Supercharges Development

Unfortunately, Jason can’t be with us today since a storm ripped through his hometown, a tree came crashing down and ripped the electrical cords off his house, so now he has no power! However, Chris and Andrew are in the house and we are super excited to


 2021-10-22  39m

episode 150: Yuh-Jit - Optimizing JIT compiler built inside CRuby

Chris was all set to finally have his wedding ceremony, but he and his wife got COVID! They’re both feeling better, but the festivities will have to be rescheduled yet again. We’ll keep the good times rollin’ here today and we find out if the guys have d


 2021-10-15  41m

episode 149: Propshaft, Engines, and Turbo | Uh This Isn't a Car Repair Podcast

If you’ve accidentally clicked on this podcast due to its title thinking we’re going to talk about the advantages of the Ford Coyote over the Chevy LS, sorry to disappoint! Our boyz run Rails under their hood. ☺ On this week’s episode, Jason, Chris, and


 2021-10-08  48m

episode 148: Making Magic with ImageMagick

As of today, RubyConf registration is now live so get your tickets! On today’s episode, we find out more about Jason’s interesting project he’s working on with a Mockup Generator and how MiniMagick has been working very well for him doing the commands, b


 2021-10-01  42m

episode 147: Red Pill-Blue Pill and CSS Bundling

Some exciting things going on this week for the guys! Andrew hit some baseball games last weekend and became a bandwagon fan, Chris got to fly his drone and watched the crane putting up the trusses on his house, and Jason’s working on a side project and


 2021-09-24  51m