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Episode 236: On A Budget

In this episode Dean, Steve & Matt travel back to a time when games could be bought for a couple of quid at the local newsagents.



Episode 235: What BBC Micro Game Will Make The December Poll?

In our latest Game Club episode, Mads, Chris and game club guest Dean choose a shortlist of three BBC Micro games to go forward to our poll for December's game club game. Thanks again to all of our Patreon’s who made this episode possible.



Episode 234: Silent Hill

Our resident game clubbers Chris and Mads are scared s***less as they play through this survival horror classic on the original PlayStation. Thanks again to all of our Patreon’s who made this episode possible.



Episode 233: Ys 1 & 2

Chris and Mads spend two months bumping into stuff in Ys I and II on the PC Engine. We also reveal which spooky game we will be playing in October.


 2020-09-30  2h33m

Episode 233: Get Creative With The ZX Spectrum Next

Dean and Chris get together for the first in a new series of Spectrum Next themed episodes. In this episode, they look back at the two Kickstarters and talk Spectrum Next programming with Sunteam's Paul Weller.


 2020-09-26  2h1m

Episode 231: Star Wars Arcade

In this episode Dean and Steve talk to Daz and Taggster from The Arcade Perfect podcast and debate which home micro version of the Star Wars arcade was the best plus Nintendo's recent Super Mario Bros Game & Watch is discussed!


 2020-09-08  2h5m

Episode 230: Segments

There's a slice of retro for everyone as Dean and Steve talk about the Evercade handheld console by Blaze, Matt looks back at the demoscene, plus Chris and Mads talk to two of our Patreon's about their favourite games.


 2020-08-16  2h6m

RA 229: Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2

Mads & Chris grind some rails, flip some boards, and perform the leap of faith in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 in July's game club episode. We also reveal which RPG we will be playing in August and September.


 2020-08-01  2h57m

Episode 228: Ikari Warriors on the Amstrad CPC

In our latest game club episode, Mads and Chris take a look at the Amstrad CPC port of SNK classic, Ikari Warriors. They also reveal the winner of July's poll and look ahead to the summer RPG!


 2020-07-02  2h21m

Episode 227: Point n Click with Grundislav Games

Chris sits down with Francisco Gonzalez to talk all things point 'n' click including what classic games inspire him, the state of narrative in games and a preview of the forthcoming Rosewater.


 2020-06-14  1h47m