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Episode 283: W*H*B

Why Hate Boris? Which Hover Bike? No, it's got to be Welsh Hairy Bloke! Join Dean, Chris, and Mads as they explore the wonderful ZX Spectrum puzzle game that is W*H*B. Thanks to all of our Patreon’s who made this episode possible. Damon Crockett...



Episode 282: Finish Em! Part 2

We finish ‘em! Or, we try to at the very least. Hear how far Dean, Steve and Mads got in their quest to finish some childhood favourites. Matt also pops in to review the A500 Mini. Thanks to all of our Patreon’s who made this episode possible....


 2022-04-19  1h44m

Episode 281: Day of the Tentacle

Mads and Chris pull rank and cover the seminal 1993 LucasArts adventure, Day of the Tentacle. Featuring contributions from the Retro Asylum Discord community, this long awaited look at one of the all time greats is long overdue. Thanks to all of our...


 2022-04-08  1h46m

Episode 280: April 2022 Game Club Shortlist - Isometric Speccy Fun

Dean joins Mads & Chris for the April Game Club 2022 shortlist in which the guys look and choose isometric games on the ZX Spectrum. Dougie Do! for the ZX Spectrum Next can be found at Golden Seas for the ZX Spectrum Next can be found at Bitmap...


 2022-03-27  59m

Episode 279: Pocky And Rocky

A yank and a Dane sits down to record an episode of the U.K.'s number 1 retro gaming show. Patreon supporter Mark and RA host Mads dress up as a princess and a raccoon to get through Pocky & Rocky on the SNES. Like the cover art? Check out...


 2022-03-12  2h10m

Episode 278: The Secret Of Monkey Island

Mads and Chris are joined by their co-hosts on the Playthrough podcast, Jim Middleton and Andy Gilmour to present a special episode on The Secret of Monkey Island. Thanks to all of our Patreon’s who made this episode possible. Nik Linders Howard...


 2022-02-23  2h19m

Episode 277: Finish 'em!

In this episode Mads, Chris, Steve and old man Swainy pick a game or three that they have never managed to complete to see if they can finally declare victory! Plus, Dean visit's The Pinball Office and all the latest news & gossip is discussed! ...


 2022-02-15  1h19m

Episode 276: Tower Of Doom

In our game club episode for January 2021, Mads is missing as Chris v1 and Chris v2 take a deep dive into the not-D&D Intellivision RPG, Tower of Doom.  They may not have enjoyed the game too much, but they did enjoy catching up on the latest...


 2022-02-01  1h40m

episode 275: Episode 275: Vote for February 2022

Mads sits down with Patreon sponsor and good friend of the show Mark Bylund a.k.a. Kitt to select some Run 'n' Gun games for the Super Nintendo. Thanks to all of our Patreon’s who made this episode possible. SiEC Adam Hinde Chris O'Regan James Dunn...


 2022-01-29  53m

Episode 274: Sensible World of Soccer

The goal scoring superstar heroes of RA (aka Chris and Mads) don their shooting boots and limber up for an in-depth look at Sensible Software's iconic 1994 title, Sensible World of Soccer. We also get the usual dose of "what have you been up to" and a...


 2022-01-20  1h56m