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Episode 247: Wing Commander III

Mads and Chris jump into the cockpit and take flight for a detailed look at the world of Wing Commander 3: Heart of the Tiger



Episode 246: Game Club Voting For April 21 - Taito Arcade Games

Mads, Dean and Chris look ahead to April's Taito game club theme by cutting an eight game long list down to four. Join us to find out which games you will be voting on. Thanks to all of our Patreon’s who made this episode possible. Shane Dowling...



Episode 245: Tex Murphy Under A Killing Moon

This month we don our fedoras and save mankind in Tex Murphy: Under a Killing Moon. Does this FMV adventure still hold up in 2021? Find out in this episode.


 2021-03-01  2h36m

Episode 244: Ten Pence Arcade

Dean and Steve link up with Vic and Shaun of The Ten Pence arcade to discuss classic computer games that would've been great in the arcade. Thanks to all of our Patreon’s who made this episode possible.


 2021-02-22  2h48m

Episode 243: What 3DO Games To Play For March?

In our latest Games Club episode, Chris and Mads select a shortlist of four 3DO games to take forward to the vote for the game club game for March.


 2021-02-22  1h0m

Episode 242: Dark Forces 2 - Jedi Knight

In our latest game club episode, Chris and Mads ready their blasters once more as they take a detailed look at Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight. They also reveal the result of the February poll and announce the theme for March. Thanks to all of our...


 2021-01-31  2h30m

Episode 241: February 2021 Vote

Chris and Mads present the games that are up for vote in February's game club.


 2021-01-18  1h4m

Episode 240: Exile

In this, the very first show of 2021, Dean, Chris and Mads talk about their experiences playing December's game club game Exile on the BBC Micro. To read the Q&A with Exile programmer Peter Irvin, please visit


 2021-01-03  2h4m

Episode 239: Merry Christmas!

The lads have nicked Santa's Sleigh and are off to visit all their podcast mates. More importantly will the sleigh get returned in time for Santa to deliver all the kids presents or will the lads have ruined Christmas? A Special thank you to Scott...


 2020-12-24  5h44m

Episode 238: What Games To Play For January?

Mads and Chris indulge themselves and choose the game club game for January from the sequels to games already covered in the game club. Tune in to hear which games have been cast aside and which will be the chosen one for January. Lookout for our...


 2020-12-23  1h5m