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Episode 241: February 2021 Vote

Chris and Mads present the games that are up for vote in February's game club.



Episode 240: Exile

In this, the very first show of 2021, Dean, Chris and Mads talk about their experiences playing December's game club game Exile on the BBC Micro. To read the Q&A with Exile programmer Peter Irvin, please visit



Episode 239: Merry Christmas!

The lads have nicked Santa's Sleigh and are off to visit all their podcast mates. More importantly will the sleigh get returned in time for Santa to deliver all the kids presents or will the lads have ruined Christmas? A Special thank you to Scott...



Episode 238: What Games To Play For January?

Mads and Chris indulge themselves and choose the game club game for January from the sequels to games already covered in the game club. Tune in to hear which games have been cast aside and which will be the chosen one for January. Lookout for our...


 2020-12-23  1h5m

Bonus Episode: Here Comes A New Challenger

In this special bonus episode, Dean Swain talks to Oliver Harper about the upcoming Street Fighter 2 documentary 'Here Comes A New Challenger' and discusses how Oliver become a successful YouTuber and director.


 2020-12-22  34m

Playthrough: Episode 0

The launch episode of Playthrough. From the team that brings you Retro Asylum, a brand new community play along podcast featuring modern and middle aged games.


 2020-11-30  1h11m

Episode 237: Truxton

Chris and Mads don their helmets and jump into the Super Fighter to take on Dogurava and the Gidans in the classic shmup Truxton on the Mega Drive. Did Chris really get a higher score than Mads? Why is Mads crying? Find the answers to these questions...


 2020-11-30  2h5m

Episode 236: On A Budget

In this episode Dean, Steve & Matt travel back to a time when games could be bought for a couple of quid at the local newsagents.


 2020-11-29  1h15m

Episode 235: What BBC Micro Game Will Make The December Poll?

In our latest Game Club episode, Mads, Chris and game club guest Dean choose a shortlist of three BBC Micro games to go forward to our poll for December's game club game. Thanks again to all of our Patreon’s who made this episode possible.


 2020-11-22  1h4m

Episode 234: Silent Hill

Our resident game clubbers Chris and Mads are scared s***less as they play through this survival horror classic on the original PlayStation. Thanks again to all of our Patreon’s who made this episode possible.


 2020-11-01  2h42m