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Episode 206: Dark Forces

Chris and Mads enlist in the rebel alliance to fight the dreaded Dark Troopers in Dark Forces on the PC. Help support the Retro Asylum by becoming a patron:



Episode 205: Classic Gaming Archive

Mads and Chris launch the Classic Gaming Archive and talk about how you can get involved while the Mads-less team broadcast on location at Revival 2019 and discuss the latest retro gossip.



Episode 204: DoDonPachi

Steve, Chris, and Mads enlist as fighter pilots in DoDonPachi. Did Chris really fight in the Willy Wars? Who stole Steve’s place in the limelight at the final moment? Tune in to this month’s game club episode to find out.


 2019-06-01  2h59m

Episode 203: Donkey Kong GB

Can Mads and Chris jump barrels, climb vines, and solve devious puzzles in this month's game club episode? Find out right here! Also we reveal next month's game - a wonderful SHMUP for you all to play. Help support the Retro Asylum by becoming a...


 2019-05-02  2h49m

Episode 202: Preservation

In this episode Steve, Mads and Chris take on the elephant in the room to discuss the vital role software preservation plays in keeping retro alive. Help support the Retro Asylum by becoming a patron:


 2019-04-20  2h24m

Episode 201: Popeye

Chris and Mads go Brutus baiting during a deep dive into the classic Nintendo arcade game, Popeye. They also reveal the winner of the April game club vote and are joined by a special guest to look ahead to May. Help support the Retro Asylum by...


 2019-03-31  2h50m

Episode 200: Blasts From The Past!

So this is it, our 200th Episode! Dean Swain and the rest of the current Retro Asylum team go in search of RA hosts of the past to celebrate 200 episodes of "The UK's No.1 Retro Gaming Podcast". Join us in our longest ever episode, as we look back at...


 2019-03-20  7h8m

Episode 199.5 Super Cars 2

In this game club episode we pay homage to the great top-down Gremlin racer Super Cars II. For the first time, we are handing out prizes for the competition winners, so have a listen to find out who wins.


 2019-03-03  3h7m

Episode 199: Early Core Design Games

In this episode Chris Worthington, Steve Erickson and Matt Wilsher delve into Core Designs and some of their games, without hardly mentioning Tomb Raider. A massive thanks to Simon Phipps for allowing us to use his awesome Rick Dangerous artwork. If...


 2019-02-18  3h5m

Episode 198: The Incredible Machine

Chris and Mads dive into contraption making with The Incredible Machine. Plus we find the winner of our competition, reveal the game of February, and the list of games to vote on for March.


 2019-02-04  2h24m