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Episode 226: Strider

In this month's game club episode, we don our purple ninja suits and strap on our falchion tonfa swords in order to save the world in Strider, the wonderful 1989 arcade classic.


 2020-06-07  2h59m

Episode 225: The One Amiga Oct 92

Join Mads, Chris, Steve & Dean as the flick through the pages of the October 1992 issue of The One Amiga magazine. The guys play 4 of the games reviewed in this issue and see how those games measure up today. Yet again, a special thank you to all...


 2020-05-21  2h3m

Episode 224 Advance Wars

In this episode Tactical advisor Mads Kristensen, sends commanding officer Chris Worthington - a decorated veteran who fought in the Willy Wars - into the fray once more as we battle our way through Advance Wars on the Gameboy Advance. Special thanks...


 2020-05-01  2h45m

Episode 223: Mario's 8 Bit Adventures

Chris, Steve and Mads dive headlong into Mario's 8 bit adventures in the first of our community playthrough companions.


 2020-04-13  2h9m

Episode 222: Ikaruga

Mads and Chris dodge bullets and popular opinion when they take on the seminal shooter, Ikaruga. The guys also discuss life in lockdown and look forward to some arcade action in May.


 2020-04-06  2h30m

Episode 221: Revival 2020 & Dreamcast Year One

In this episode Chris Worthington is on sole hosting duties as the team report on location at Revival 2020 Part 1 and we hear from Andrew Dickinson, author of Dreamcast: Year One.


 2020-03-15  2h10m

Episode 220: Loom

In this episode Mads and Chris weave their way through the 1990 Lucasarts classic, Loom. The result of the March poll is revealed and we discover that Chris has never played a single game of note from the genre theme for April!


 2020-02-28  2h58m

Episode 219: Bonk's Revenge

In this game club episode, Mads, Steve and Chris bonk their way through the Turbografx favourite, Bonk's Revenge. They also reveal the result of February's poll and look ahead to March.


 2020-02-04  2h46m

Episode 218: The Vectrex

Dean Swain is joined by Alex Crowley to discuss why the Vectrex is now a must own console. Plus, the ZX Spectrum Next prepares to ship to backers! Thanks to all of our Patreon Supporters! Aaron Maupin Aiden Marriott Andrew Gilmour Andy Marsh...


 2020-01-26  1h24m

Episode 217: Manic Miner

In this Games Club episode Mads, Chris, Dean & the RA community take a deep dive into the Matthew Smith classic, plus we catch up on all of the latest retro gaming news & gossip.


 2019-12-31  3h10m