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The Retroist Podcast takes a nostalgic look back at the last 30 years of retro themed pop culture. Get your regular fix of retro with interviews, reviews and fun filled information. If you enjoy retro pop culture from the recent past you are in for a real treat.

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Retroist Automan Podcast

On this episode of the Retroist Podcast, I discuss the 1983 cult classic TV show, Automan. This TRON-influenced show was short-lived, but it is well-remembered by people who watched it at the time.



Retroist The Net Podcast

In 1995, the techno-thriller, "The Net," hit theaters. It was a box office success, but it was also way ahead of its time on issues related to privacy and security that are still important today. On this episode of the Retroist,



Retroist Mad Monster Party Podcast

In 1967, Rankin/Bass' Mad Monster Part was released in theaters. A couple of years later they would start showing it on TV and for many it became a Halloween tradition. The newest episode of the Retroist Podcast is all about this underrated holiday cla...


 2021-10-29  29m

Retroist Re-Animator Podcast

On the newest episode of the Retroist Podcast, I take a look back at the 1985 horror comedy classic, Re-Animator, starring Jeffrey Combs.


 2021-10-15  34m

Retroist GI Joe: The Movie Podcast

GI Joe: The Movie went straight to video in 1987. It introduced a slew of new fun characters and has one of the best GI Joe vs. Cobra fights ever animated in the first five minutes.


 2021-10-01  30m

Retroist GI Joe Animated Series Podcast

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero was one of the definitive cartoons of the eighties. While it accomplished its goals of selling toys, it also brought a very talented group of people together to create an enduring and well-remembered TV show.


 2021-09-17  31m

Retroist GI Joe Comic Books Podcast

GI Joe hit comic shelves in 1982 and would run for over a decade. On this episode of the Retroist Podcast I discuss the book, the talent behind it, and its rise and fall.


 2021-09-03  32m

Retroist GI Joe Toys Podcast

The resurgence of GI Joe in the 1980s was a high water mark for toys during that decade. On this episode of the Retroist Podcast I take a look at the history of the figures leading up to this monumental toy release.


 2021-08-20  39m

Season 14 of the Retroist Podcast

I am happy to announce the next season of the Retroist Podcast is on its way. Here is what you can expect to hear this season.


 2021-08-10  2m

Retroist Memories Special I

To finish this season of the Retroist, I asked some people to share some of their own memories of subjects I covered during this season. I put them together in a new episode I am calling the "Memories Special."


 2021-06-25  20m