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The Retroist Podcast takes a nostalgic look back at the last 30 years of retro themed pop culture. Get your regular fix of retro with interviews, reviews and fun filled information. If you enjoy retro pop culture from the recent past you are in for a real treat.

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Retroist Inhumanoids Podcast

On this episode of the Retroist Podcast, I discuss the Inhumanoids. This toyline and animated series combined, humor, horror, sci-fi and animation like no other. It is well worth your time.


 2020-07-20  26m

Retroist Mattel Aquarius Podcast

The Mattel Aquarius is merely a blip in the history of computers. But to some people, this was their first machine. On this episode of the Retroist Podcast I take a look at the Mattel Aquarius. A computer that wanted to be more than it turned out to...


 2020-04-13  20m

episode 234: Retroist Kodak Disc Podcast

The Kodak Disc was a technological marvel. It excelled at capturing the imagination and money of a whole lot of people. Sadly it didn't excel at taking photos. Nowadays people look back on it as an icon of the eighties,


 2020-03-02  19m

Retroist Garfield’s Thanksgiving Podcast

Happy Thanksgiving! On today's episode of the Retroist Podcast, I would like to talk to you about the late eighties holiday classic, Garfield's Thanksgiving.


 2019-11-27  14m

Retroist Tempest Podcast

I finally return to the arcade, this time covering the vector-based masterpiece Tempest. I might be terrible at this game, but I am in love with its aesthetics.


 2019-11-11  17m

Retroist Werewolf Podcast

On this episode of the Retroist Podcast, I talk about the 1987 TV horror show, Werewolf. This was a one season wonder produced by Frank Lupo that was part of the Fox Networks inaugural season. Unfortunately it just didn’t last.


 2019-10-29  16m

Retroist Major League Podcast

On the newest episode of the Retroist Podcast, I discuss the baseball comedy classic, Major League. This is a fun summer film about America's sport. I hope listening to the show might persuade you to check it out,


 2019-05-20  18m

Retroist Mac and Me Podcast

On this episode of the Retroist Podcast, I tackle the 1988 cult classic, Mac and Me. Despite knowing that his film is unintentionally funny, I find it charming and worthy of watching unironically.


 2019-04-10  19m

Retroist The Private Eyes Podcast

On this week's Retroist Podcast I discuss the 1980 comedy classic, "The Private Eyes," starring Don Knotts and Tim Conway. An underrated classic that I hope you will check out.


 2019-03-05  17m

Retroist Trading Places Podcast

On this episode of the Retroist Podcast, I discuss the eighties comedy classic, "Trading Places." It is a perfect film to watch this holiday season. Even if you don't listen to the show, I hope this reminds you to rewatch the movie.


 2018-12-22  21m