From prisons to protests, immigration to the environment, Peabody Award-winning Reveal goes deep into the pressing issues of our times. The Atlantic says “the experience of each episode is akin to a spoonful of sugar, even when it’s telling a story about Richard Spencer’s cotton farms or a man’s final days as a heroin addict.” Reveal is a project of The Center for Investigative Reporting and is co-produced with PRX. The show is hosted by Al Letson and partners with reporters and newsrooms around the world, including The Washington Post, ProPublica, APM, The Marshall Project and The Investigative Fund. Reveal is a Pulitzer Prize finalist and has won many broadcast journalism awards, including a duPont and three national Emmys.

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Emission control

If we want to stop the Earth from heating up, we need to deal with methane.


 2021-06-12  50m

Viral Lies

From anti-vaxxers to QAnon, we look at how misinformation spreads.


 2021-06-05  50m

The Mystery of Mountain Jane Doe

In 1969, an unknown woman was found dead off a remote trail.


 2021-05-29  50m

The Pentagon Papers: Secrets, Lies and Leaks

The secret report that changed the Vietnam War.


 2021-05-22  49m

The Bad Place

The graffiti says it all: “This is a bad place.” Why do states send children to facilities run by Sequel, after dozens of cases of abuse?


 2021-05-15  50m

Why Police Reform Fails

Six years after Ferguson, St. Louis hasn’t seen a single substantive police reform. A group of young Black leaders have instead set their sights higher: taking control of city politics.


 2021-05-08  50m

Banking on Inequity

Congress spent hundreds of billions of dollars to rescue small businesses hurt by the pandemic. But Paycheck Protection Program money disproportionately went to White neighborhoods, leaving communities of color behind.


 2021-05-01  50m

The Rise and Fall of Madoff's Ponzi Scheme

After Bernie Madoff’s death, we dig into how he pulled off his scheme.


 2021-04-24  49m

The Jail Tapes in the Dumpster

A reporter digs into a teen’s murder conviction.


 2021-04-17  50m

The Robert Mueller of Latin America

Guatemala sends more migrants to the U.S. than anywhere in Central America. What is driving so many people to leave?


 2021-04-10  51m