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Who’s responsible when America’s your drug dealer?

Overdose deaths among veterans treated by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs occur at a rate nearly double the national average. Reporter Aaron Glantz has been following this story for two years. In this segment,


 2015-03-31  20m

Photo sparks war crimes probe

Photo sparks war crimes probe In our last episode, we met Jonathan Millantz, a troubled Army medic who served with a tank battalion in Iraq. Millantz treated Iraqi prisoners after brutal interrogations – and he also took part in the abuse.


 2015-03-24  21m

Bogus screws ended up in spines of surgery patients

When it comes to medical hardware, who’s got your back? The Food and Drug Administration is supposed to ensure that equipment going inside people’s bodies is manufactured by companies approved by the agency, but there’s a fissure in the system.


 2015-03-17  20m

The secrets of church, state and business

In this episode, we track down what one powerful religious group was keeping under wraps; troops open up to Reveal about their experiences with torture and whether officers are being held accountable; and high-speed broadband is like electricity for th...


 2015-02-14  58m

Confronting love and oppression in Afghanistan

For years, filmmaker Zohreh Soleimani followed a tragic romance set in Afghanistan. The couple met, fell in love … and went to jail. So what went wrong? With her camera in hand, Zohreh confronted the family that put one woman in jail for the crime of f...


 2015-02-04  13m

China brings home the bacon with America’s pigs

As the geopolitics of food heats up, the foreign takeover of America’s largest meat company happened right under the nose of the U.S. government. Our investigation reveals the deep role the Chinese government played in purchasing 1 in 4 pigs raised in ...


 2015-01-24  17m

The day care violations hidden from parents

In this episode, Reveal reporter Katharine Mieszkowski tackles the murkiness surrounding day care records in the U.S.; online scams take center stage in an investigation into foreign currency trading; we take a look at what’s behind toxic delays at the...


 2015-01-24  52m

Coast Guard safety, arsenic in drinking water, GI Bill scammers

From the Center for Investigative Reporting and PRX


 2014-06-28  52m

The Heroin Highway

Reporters from WBEZ 91.5 Chicago find that one drug cartel controls the movement of heroin from Mexico to Chicago and across the Midwest.


 2014-05-27  52m

The VA’s Deadly Pain Pill Habit

The Department of Veteran Affairs is prescribing highly addictive painkillers to vets – even to known addicts – at an alarming rate.


 2014-05-21  52m