Reverie True Crime

Paige wants to tell you about all things spine-chilling and hair-raising. From true crime to weird events, she wants to discuss it all.To suggest a true crime case, something eerie or if you want to come on to speak out for a loved one who needs justice, you can send an e-mail to

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43. Lake Lanier: Deaths, Cryptids and Ghosts

Lake Lanier is said to be the deadliest Lake in the United States and it’s located in Georgia. Many have lost their lives at this lake but were they ALL accidents? Who is “The Lady of the Lake”? Is there a human-catfish, that the locals call...



42. Kendrick Johnson: Freak Accident or Murder

Kendrick Johnson was a popular, high school athlete that the girls swooned over and the guys were envious of. In 2013, his body was discovered in the high school’s gym. He was suspiciously rolled up in a wrestling gym mat, he was upside down and the...



41. Bonus Q&A with Your Hostess

Listeners asked and Paige is answering! Which investigator would she ride shotgun with from any case? Who does she think killed Jon Benet? What would her last meal be? What’s her irrational fear? What does she love about podcasting and what’s...



40. The Atlanta Child Murders

Paige discusses the Atlanta Child Murders that took place from 1979 - 1981. Wayne Williams was locked away for two of the many heinous acts. But did he do it? Is this a cover up? You’ll have to come away from this episode forming your own opinions....



39. Charles Starkweather and Caril Fugate: A Notorious Killer Couple

Charles was 18 years old when he met, 13 year old, Caril Ann Fugate. Charles kills Caril’s whole family and many others. The question is, was Caril an accomplice in all of these killings or a hostage? After you listen, you’ll have to come to your own...



38. Caleb McGillvary: Kai the Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker

Kai’s interview went viral in 2013. He was a very animated, interesting character and a hitchhiking hero for saving Tonya Baker’s life against Jett McBride. Just a few months later, he was being charged for murder. Kai went to being a quirky hero to a...



37. Victims of Injustice: Black Lives Matter

As podcasters, we have a platform and duty to speak up and call out injustice. In light of the murder of George Floyd, we have come together in solidarity to use our platform to speak up against racial injustice and amplify the voices of black...


 2020-06-10  1h22m

36. Eric Landin: A Conversation with Eric (Justice for Jacob)

In today’s episode, Paige talks over the phone with the host of the true crime podcast, True Consequences, Eric Landin. Listen to him tell the story about the tragic passing of his baby brother, Jacob. The suspect has never served any time for this...


 2020-06-05  1h19m

35. Richard Trenton Chase: The Vampire of Sacramento

Richard Trenton Chase was a horribly disturbed individual suffering from many mental illnesses and had clinical vampirism. This case is one of the most grotesque ones that Paige has researched and written. It definitely won’t be for a lot of people....


 2020-05-27  54m

Introducing: Reverie True Crime

Paige decided to rename her podcast. The previous name, All the Things That Keep Us Up at Night, was honestly too long for her liking. She had been sitting on the idea of changing it for a while. Paige finally bit the bullet! Hoping you all like it as...


 2020-05-24  1m