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Paige wants to tell you about all things spine-chilling and hair-raising. From true crime to weird events, she wants to discuss it all. Reverie means to daydream, but even daydreams can turn into nightmares. Join Paige as she tells you stories about horrific reveries, eerie events, and talks with victims of injustice, as well as survivors.Do you want to suggest a true crime case or something eerie? Send suggestions:

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86. Ezra McCandless: Love Triangle Turned Deadly | The Murder of Alex Woodworth

Sixteen is the number of times Ezra McCandless stabbed Alex Woodworth. Caught in a love triangle with Alex and Jason Mengal, she wanted Alex out of her life. In her mind, Alex was the reason she and Jason were no longer together. This is a story of a...



Introducing: Riddle Me That! True Crime featuring Robin Warder of The Trail Went Cold | Justice for Jacob Landin

A few months ago, Eric Landin, of the podcast True Consequences, came on and discussed what happened to his baby brother, Jacob. He has been on a quest for justice for over 30 years. On the podcast, Riddle Me That! True Crime, join host Dr. Jules...



85. Rod Ferrell: The Vampire Clan and Wendorf Murders

At 16 years old, Rod Ferrell was obsessed with vampires. He believed he was a 500 year old vampire named Vesago. Rod was sired into a vampire cult by drinking the blood of another. He had a friendship with a girl named Heather Wendorf. She said her...



84. PATREON BONUS | The Life and Death of Sandra Bland

Sandra Bland was a strong, amazing, lively young woman from Naperville, Illinois. Sandra was a civil rights activist who always voiced her opinions about police brutality and various other topics under the hashtag #SandySpeaks on social media. She was...



83. Rebecca Zahau: Part Two Discussion with Jules, from Riddle Me That! True Crime

Part two of our discussion about the tragic death of Rebecca Zahau! Go check out Riddle Me That by Dr. Jules! Sources: Rebecca Zahau: An ID Murder Mystery Death at the Mansion: Rebecca Zahau (Oxygen network)...



82. Rebecca Zahau: Part One Discussion with Jules, from Riddle Me That! True Crime

In 2011, a 6 year old boy, Max Shacknai, would take a fall from the second floor banister, and this would set off a chain of events. In the wake of the tragedy, not only this young boy, but also the father Jonah's girlfriend of three years, Rebecca...



81. Tara Lynn Destrampe: Domestic Violence Death and Dismemberment by Husband, Stephen Grant

Tara Lynn was successful at her job and as a mother. Her husband, Stephen, didn’t like the fact that she wasn‘t at home as much as he thought she should be, due to her job involving a good amount of traveling. She was the breadwinner of the family. In...



80. Alyssa Bustamante: Senseless Killing of Elizabeth Olten

Elizabeth was 9 years old, making her way to her friend Emma’s house as she normally did. Emma was 6 years old at the time and she had a 15 year old half sister named Alyssa. Alyssa was a troubled teenager with a sad past. She had a lot of pent up...



80. Johnny Gosch: Paperboy Disappearance in Iowa

In 1982, Johnny was a 12 year old paperboy. He was always on time to deliver the Sunday paper. The one time he failed to wake his dad up to tag along with him is the day he would never be seen again. To this day, people still want to know: Where is...


 2021-02-01  35m

79. Kenneka Jenkins: Mysterious Death at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel

Kenneka Jenkins was a bright and witty 19 year old. In 2017, she went to a birthday party for her friend Irene Roberts at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois. What was really going on in room 926? Was it all completely...


 2021-01-25  46m