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3.5- The Assembly of Notables

King Louis called the Assembly of Notables in early 1787 to approve a major fincancial reform package. But intead of rubber stamping the initiatives, the Notables scrutinized every detail. 


 2014-08-17  25m

3.4- Necker and the Necklace

Just as the financial situation was about to explode the monarchy was hit by a public relations nightmare.


 2014-08-11  26m

3.3- Resistance to Reform

As power passed from Louis XV to Louis XVI, royal ministers attempted to implement reforms, but were thewarted at every turn. 


 2014-08-04  27m

3.2-The Broken Regime

The Ancien Regime was a mess in desperate need of reform. 


 2014-07-21  28m

3.1- The Three Estates

The population of pre-Revolutionary France was divided into Three Estates: the Church, the Nobility and Everyone Else. 


 2014-07-14  27m

3.0 Revolutions Podcast Update

Tours. Episode Numbering. Money. Parlez-vous français?


 2014-07-14  5m

2.15a- The Bill of Rights

Hang them on the wall of every classroom. 


 2014-05-25  3m

2.15- The Rising Sun

The ratification of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights marks the end of the Revolutionary Era. 


 2014-05-25  36m

2.14- The Critical Period

Between the end of the War of Independence and the Constitutional Convention the new United States was plagued by problems. The Articles of Confederation were not up to solving them. 


 2014-05-18  29m

2.13- The Articles of Confederation

As the newly independent United States trasitioned from war to peace, it was tripped up by the ineffective Articles of Confederation. 


 2014-05-12  27m