A weekly podcasting exploring great political revolutions. Now: The Russian Revolution Next: ???

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2.8- Saratoga

Gentleman Johnny's Party Train ran into some trouble in 1777. 


 2014-03-31  31m

2.7- Crossing the Delaware

With the revolution on the line, George Washginton led his army to victory at Trenton. Unfortunately he would be unable to stop the British from taking Philadelphia in 1777.   


 2014-03-24  28m

2.6a- Supplemental The Declaration of Independence

When in the course of human events...


 2014-03-16  9m

2.6- Independence

The American colonies declared independence in July 1776. Then their armies got chased around New York. 


 2014-03-16  30m

2.5- The Guns of Ticonderoga

After the skirmishes at Lexington and Concord, war between Britain and the colonies broke out. George Washington was appointed commander-in-chief and laid siege to Boston.


 2014-03-09  29m

2.4- The Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party led Parliament to pass the Intolerable Acts in 1774. The colonists were really super not amused. 


 2014-03-03  27m

2.3- The Townshend Acts

After the failure of the Stamp Act, Parliament passed a new series of taxes known as the Townshend Acts. The colonists were not amused. 


 2014-02-24  27m

2.2- The Stamp Act

After the French and Indian War, the British Ministry started levying new taxes on the colonies. The colonists were not amused. 


 2014-02-16  29m

2.1- The Thirteen Colonies

A brief tour of the Thirteen Colonies. 


 2014-02-10  30m

1.16- The Restoration

The English Monarchy was restored in 1660. 


 2014-01-13  30m