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2.6- Independence

The American colonies declared independence in July 1776. Then their armies got chased around New York. 


 2014-03-16  30m

2.5- The Guns of Ticonderoga

After the skirmishes at Lexington and Concord, war between Britain and the colonies broke out. George Washington was appointed commander-in-chief and laid siege to Boston.


 2014-03-09  29m

2.4- The Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party led Parliament to pass the Intolerable Acts in 1774. The colonists were really super not amused. 


 2014-03-03  27m

2.3- The Townshend Acts

After the failure of the Stamp Act, Parliament passed a new series of taxes known as the Townshend Acts. The colonists were not amused. 


 2014-02-24  27m

2.2- The Stamp Act

After the French and Indian War, the British Ministry started levying new taxes on the colonies. The colonists were not amused. 


 2014-02-16  29m

2.1- The Thirteen Colonies

A brief tour of the Thirteen Colonies. 


 2014-02-10  30m

1.16- The Restoration

The English Monarchy was restored in 1660. 


 2014-01-13  30m

1.16a Supplemental- Sir Edward Hyde, First Earl of Clarendon

  After serving in Parliament and the courts of both Charles I and Charles II, Edward Hyde wrote a massively influential history of the English Civil Wars.


 2014-01-13  11m

1.15- The Good Old Cause

Oliver Cromwell died on September 3, 1658. His son and heir Richard was iunable to hold the Protectorate together. 


 2014-01-06  28m

1.14a Supplemental- The War on Christmas

After the Puritans came to power they tried to abolish Christmas. Seriously. 


 2013-12-25  8m