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episode 16: 1.12b- Supplemental The Diggers

God wanted me to tell you that property is theft.   


 2013-12-02  12m

episode 15: 1.12a- Supplemental Freeborn John

For someone who was born free John Lilburne sure spent a lot of time in prison


 2013-12-02  11m

episode 14: 1.11a- Tour Announcement 2

Reserve your spot for England/France June 2014 at!


 2013-11-24  1m

episode 13: 1.11- The Crowning Mercy

Charles II raised an army of Scots to help him claim the throne, but they were defeated by Oliver Cromwell at Dunbar and Worcester.  


 2013-11-24  29m

episode 12: 1.10- Regicide

After Pride's Purge, Charles I was executed by the Rump Parliament on January 30, 1649. Then Cromwell invaded Ireland. 


 2013-11-18  27m

episode 11: 1.9- The Man of Blood

As the New Model Army debated the merits of constitutional democracy, King Charles was scheming to put himself back on the throne.   


 2013-11-11  29m

episode 10: 1.8- Checkmate

After the Battle of Naseby ended the King's chances for military victory, he became the frustrating center of post-war negotiations. 


 2013-11-04  25m

episode 9: 1.7a- Tour Announcement

New Revolutions Tour coming in June 2014! Email:


 2013-10-28  2m

episode 8: 1.7- The New Model Army

After years of muddling along, Parliament created a more professional army. They finally defeated King Charles at Nasbay in June 1645.  


 2013-10-28  28m

episode 7: 1.6- The Solemn League And Covenant

In late 1643, Parliament sealed a military alliance with the Scots. Their combined force defeated the Royalists at Marston Moor. 


 2013-10-21  27m