A weekly podcasting exploring great political revolutions. Now: The Russian Revolution Next: ???

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episode 57: 10.54- War or Revolution

War will cause another revolution? No! War will prevent another revolution. Sponsor:


 2021-05-24  32m

episode 58: 10.55- Whatever Happened To The International?

Wherein we finally talk about the Second International just so we can watch it die. Sponsor:


 2021-05-31  31m

episode 59: 10.56- Great War Great Retreat

When it started, everyone thought it was gonna be a regular war. But it turned out to be a *great* war. Sponsor:


 2021-06-07  30m

episode 59: SNEAK PREVIEW: Hero of Two Worlds Chapter Four

Lafayette comes to America! Enjoy! A link to A link to Scroll down it's at the bottom. Thanks!


 2021-06-11  43m

episode 62: 10.57 Great War Great Offensive

Ok, maybe it wasn't a great war, but it *was* a great offensive. Link: Sponsor:


 2021-06-14  25m

episode 63: 10.58- Inflation and Scarcity

Inflation and scarcity are not exactly solid foundations to base the stability of a regime. Link: Tell us where you pre-ordered the book!


 2021-06-28  34m

episode 64: 10.59- Stupidity or Treason?

You make the call. Pre-order Sponsor:


 2021-07-04  33m

episode 65: 10.60- The Abyss That Lies Ahead

Why get off the road to ruin when you can just stay on it? Pre-order


 2021-07-12  28m

episode 66: 10.61- The Precipice

Really should have called this episode The Verge. Come hang out with Patrick Wyman and Me Pre-Order


 2021-07-19  29m

episode 67: 10.62- International Women's Day

The February Revolution began on International Women's Day Meanwhile...Lafayette Events!


 2021-07-26  35m