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episode 11: 2.10- Turning South

The Episode That Wouldn't Die.


 April 22, 2014  26m

episode 12: 2.11- Tarleton's Quarter

Despite the thrashing he gave Horatio Gates at the Battle of Camden, Lord Cornwallis found the Carolinas slipping out of his grasp. 


 April 28, 2014  30m

episode 13: 2.12- Yorktown

Lord Cornwallis was trapped in Yorktown in October 1781. His surrender ended the American War of Independence. 


 May 4, 2014  27m

episode 14: 2.13- The Articles of Confederation

As the newly independent United States trasitioned from war to peace, it was tripped up by the ineffective Articles of Confederation. 


 May 12, 2014  27m

episode 15: 2.14- The Critical Period

Between the end of the War of Independence and the Constitutional Convention the new United States was plagued by problems. The Articles of Confederation were not up to solving them. 


 May 18, 2014  29m

episode 16: 2.15- The Rising Sun

The ratification of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights marks the end of the Revolutionary Era. 


 May 25, 2014  36m

episode 17: 2.15a- The Bill of Rights

Hang them on the wall of every classroom. 


 May 25, 2014  3m