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3.0 Revolutions Podcast Update

Tours. Episode Numbering. Money. Parlez-vous français?


 2014-07-14  5m

episode 1: 3.1- The Three Estates

The population of pre-Revolutionary France was divided into Three Estates: the Church, the Nobility and Everyone Else. 


 2014-07-14  27m

episode 2: 3.2-The Broken Regime

The Ancien Regime was a mess in desperate need of reform. 


 2014-07-21  28m

episode 3: 3.3- Resistance to Reform

As power passed from Louis XV to Louis XVI, royal ministers attempted to implement reforms, but were thewarted at every turn. 


 2014-08-04  27m

episode 4: 3.4- Necker and the Necklace

Just as the financial situation was about to explode the monarchy was hit by a public relations nightmare.


 2014-08-11  26m

episode 5: 3.5- The Assembly of Notables

King Louis called the Assembly of Notables in early 1787 to approve a major fincancial reform package. But intead of rubber stamping the initiatives, the Notables scrutinized every detail. 


 2014-08-17  25m

episode 6: 3.6- The Stately Quadrille

Round and round and round it goes...


 2014-08-25  28m

 2014-09-01  26m

episode 8: 3.8- The Day of the Tiles

The king's attempt to break the Parments in the summer of 1788 was was met by widespread resistence. 


 2014-09-08  26m

episode 9: 3.9- What is the Third Estate?

The debate over the coming Estates General awakened the political consciousness of the Third Estate. Also the weather was rotten. 


 2014-09-15  32m