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episode 20: 3.18- The Flight to Varennes

In June 1791 the royal family tried to escape from Paris, but they were busted while passing through Verennes.  Sponsor link: 


 2014-11-24  30m

episode 21: The Flight of Emperor Palpatine

Would really like to get my hands on the salacious limericks the good Emperor composed while whacked on spice. 


 2014-11-25  3m

episode 22: 3.19- The Massacre of the Champ de Mars

After the Flight to Varennes, populist agistators in Paris called for an end to the monarchy, leading to a bloody confrontation in July 1791. Coming Dec 14: 


 2014-12-08  30m

episode 23: 3.20- The Constitution of 1791

As the National Assembly drew to a close, the Triumvirate rose to power.


 2014-12-15  32m

episode 24: Fundraiser! 14 Dec 2014 - 21 Jan 2015!

Check it out! Buy the Five-Sided Cross! And then buy everything else!


 2014-12-15  14m

episode 25: 3.21- The Legislative Assembly

The new Legislative Assembly convened in October 1791 and quickly put France on the path to war.  Fundraiser Store: 


 2014-12-22  34m

episode 26: 3.21a Supplemental- Talleyrand



 2015-01-05  19m

episode 27: 3.22- War

In April 1792 France declared war on Austria. Store: 


 2015-01-12  31m

episode 28: 3.23- The Insurrection of August 10th

On Aug 10, 1792 the radical sections of Paris overthrew the monarchy. Store:  Sponsor: 


 2015-01-19  33m

episode 29: 3.24- The September Massacres

With the Allied armies approaching Paris, the sans-culottes broke into all the prisoners and slaughtered the inmates. 


 2015-01-26  36m