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episode 40: 3.34a- The Republican Calendar

In Oct 1793 the French Revolution took a stab at reforming time itself.


 2015-04-20  15m

episode 41: 3.34b- Phillippe Egalite

Marie Antoinette thought he was behind EVERYTHING sponsor link:


 2015-04-27  16m

episode 42: 3.34c- Citizen Genet

Do not get into a popularity contest with George Washington. spnsor link:


 2015-05-11  18m

episode 43: 3.35- The Law of 14 Frimaire

At the end of 1793, the Committee of Public Safety completed it's consolidation of power.


 2015-05-18  36m

episode 44: 3.36- The Liquidation Process

In the spring of 1794. the Revolution devoured a few of her most beloved children. sponsor link:


 2015-05-25  35m

episode 45: 3.37- The Republic of Virtue

If the mainspring of popular government in peacetime is virtue, amid revolution it is at once virtue and terror: virtue, without which terror is fatal; terror, without which virtue is impotent.


 2015-06-01  36m

episode 46: 3.38- Thermidor

The events of 9 Thermidor II brought Act I of the French Revolution to a gruesome end.


 2015-06-08  32m

episode 47: Help Scott Help Syria

Promoting a fundraising drive spearheaded by Scott Chesworth at the Ancient World podcast to help preseve Syria's massively important cultural treasures. Link to . Direct Link to the Direct Link to Scott's findraising page for the  


 2015-06-08  3m

episode 48: 3.39- The Death of the Jacobins

After the events of 9 Thermidor, the Revolution began to swing back to the right.


 2015-06-15  20m

episode 49: 3.40- The Frozen Rivers

The terrible winter of 1794-95 helped France push back all her enemies. Also...Poland!


 2015-06-22  35m