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episode 60: 3.51- The Coup of Prairial

When the War of the Second Coalition got off to a terrible start for the French, the Triumvirate that had been running the Directory since 1797 was overthrown. Hey look I'm on Twitter:


 2015-09-14  36m

episode 61: 3.52- There is Your Man

And his name is Napoleon Bonaparte. Sponsor Link: Me on Twitter:


 2015-09-21  36m

episode 62: 3.53- The Consulate

After coming to power in 1799, First Consul Bonaparte achieved many of the Revolution's dreams and healed many of its open wounds. So he declared himself Emperor in 1804.


 2015-09-27  27m

episode 63: 3.54- The Empire

Napoleon conquered Europe. Then he got beat and the Bourbons came back. Twitter:


 2015-09-27  30m

episode 64: Special Announcement: Mike Duncan Inks a Book Deal

This is a real thing that is actually happening:


 2015-10-12  4m

episode 65: 3.55- The Retrospective

One last look back at the pile of severed heads.


 2015-11-26  55m