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episode 11: 4.11- To Attempt the Impossible

In 1797, Touissant used the conservative victory in the elections of Year V to solidify his own position in Saint-Domingue.


 2016-02-22  33m

episode 12: 4.12- Toussaint's Clause

Toussaint Louverture began to craft an independent foreign policy for Saint-Domingue in 1798.


 2016-02-29  36m

episode 13: 4.13- The War of Knives

From 1799-1800 Toussaint Louverture and Andre Rigaud fought a civil war for control of Saint-Domingue. 


 2016-03-07  38m

episode 14: 4.14- The Constitution of 1801

In 1801 Toussaint Louverture annexed Santo Domingo and promulgated a new constitution without permission from France. First Consul Bonaparte was not amused. 


 2016-03-14  40m

episode 15: 4.15- The Leclerc Expedition

With the massive expedition he assembled, Bonaparte reckoned it would take three months to retake Saint-Domingue.


 2016-03-21  39m

episode 16: 4.16- Dying Like Flies

In the summer of 1802 the worst Yellow Fever epidemic on record hit Saint-Domingue--making it very difficult to re-impose slavery. 


 2016-03-28  36m

episode 17: 4.17- Independence

The new nation of Haiti was born on New Years Day 1804.


 2016-04-03  39m

episode 18: 4.17a- The Haitian Declaration of Independence

Done at the headquarters of Gonaives, the first day of January 1804, the first year of independence.


 2016-04-03  8m

episode 19: 4.18- Death to the French

After declaring independence, Jean-Jacques Dessalines ordered the extermination of the white French. 


 2016-04-11  38m

episode 20: 4.19- The History of Haiti

1806-Present. Enjoy.


 2016-04-18  1h44m