Daniel DiPiazza and friends talk about building businesses and living better.



      EP077: Optimize Your Craft with Tero Isokauppila of Four Sigmatic

      Tero Isokauppila, President of Four Sigmatic and Author of Healing Mushrooms, joins Daniel to discuss his passion for fungi, the importance of team and business basics. Tero is known by many as the face of Four Sigmatic but all of the people on his team are essential to the success of the business. What started in Finland as a small group of men running the business has turned into an international organization where a majority of the employees are North American females. If...



      EP076: Your Personal Development Plan Should Include a Sexual Development Plan with 
Layla Martin

      This episode, with Layla Martin, addresses the sad state of affairs that is people’s sex lives in the U.S. A majority of people only have access to porn or the repugnant sex education classes offered by a sexually-repressed, puritanical government-run education system. Layla studied tantric sex in Asia and believes relationships, creative endeavors, and everyday life can be improved by engaging in erotic, satisfying and empowering sex. She has dedicated her life to liberating t...



      EP075: Uniting Traditional and Digital Marketplaces is the Future of Business with Shama Hyder

      Some people were just born to be entrepreneurs. Daniel’s guest, Shama Hyder, is one of those people. Shama is a sought-after Keynote Speaker, Founder, and CEO of Marketing Zen Group, Co-Founder of MADE, and author of the best-selling books, Momentum and Zen Marketing, and has articles published by Forbes and Inc. magazines. The woman who has been called the “Millennial Master of the Universe” by shares her insight, wisdom, and plans for the future.



      EP074: Now Is the Time to Haul Ass with Lena Elkins

      If you think Digital Nomads are a special breed of people who somehow fell into their lifestyle you are wrong. Daniel’s guest, Lena Elkins can work from anywhere there is wifi, travel from exotic locale to exotic locale and keep her bank account in the black. How does she do it? She started with believing in herself enough to leave the 8-5. During the show, she shares some of the hurdles she had to jump, some of her biggest successes and how anyone can get over being stuck by g...



      EP073: Biohacking Your Way to Zen with Dave Asprey

      Why would anybody want to live to the age of 180? Daniel’s guest, Dave Asprey does and he explains why in this persuasive conversation. Dave is the Founder of Bulletproof Coffee, Bulletproof Labs, and Author of Head Strong, a book that helps humans maximize their potential. Dave is a well-known biohacker, business disruption artist, and cool cucumber when faced with trolls.


      Key Takeaways:

      [2:42] Bulletproof Labs sets out to...



      EP072: Select Students Can Earn A Scholarship

      In this solo episode, Daniel introduces an opportunity to earn a scholarship to his new Mega-Bundle. The Mega-Bundle is an amalgam of his top four business courses, Freelance Domination 2.0, Startup From the Bottom, Front Page Formula, and Automatic Funnel Formula. Be one of the 50-100 entrants to earn a scholarship and uplevel your business.


      Key Takeaways:

      [:45] The Rich20Something Summer Scholarship is now available




      EP071: Beginners Mess Up But It Pays Off with Margo Aaron

      Writer Margo Aaron joins Daniel to share her story of turning her hustler guilt into the process of getting clear about her business goals. Margo admits that putting her work out there before it was perfect, taking on too many random projects, and making a few mistakes at the beginning of her career gave her a concentrated strategy for scaling her business.


      Entrepreneurs will face bumps in the road but if they find people who have gone ...



      EP070: Riding the Storm Out

      Daniel records this solo episode next to a boarded up church in Southern Florida just a day after Hurricane Irma pounded the area with damaging wind and rain. Daniel keeps the podcast, the blog, and the newsletter going because he believes in what he does. He understands his life choice to be an entrepreneur has afforded him the ability to go protect his great-grandparents even when he had other shit going on. Daniel cares about his work so deeply that he found a way to send a...



      EP069: There is Infinite Opportunity in the Digital Space But You Must Put Yourself Out There with Hursh

      Daniel welcomes the founder of Tradesign, Hursh to the podcast. Hursh was a member of Daniel’s Freelance Domination tribe. He has grown his business based on the principles he learned during the course and he finds himself at the precipice of calling his team an agency. Hursh isn’t afraid to put himself out there, he works hard, he networks, and he knows that taking care of his employees is just as important as taking care of external factors. His growth in the digital space knows no bou...



      EP068: Self-Employment is Worth the Risk with Dustin Lien

      Daniel welcomes Strategic Sauce Founder, Dustin Lien to the show to discuss Dustin’s freelance history and how he built his business based on his interests, not just cash. Dustin put in his time doing various jobs trying to find his niche. He decided his love of the fitness industry paired well with his marketing skills and now helps fitness industry influencers sell their service-based products.


      Key Takeaways: