Ride the Lightning: Tesla Motors Unofficial Podcast

Tesla Motors enthusiasts looking for a show about the latest news and analysis on the all-electric high-performance vehicle company need look no further. Ride the Lightning: Tesla Motors Unofficial Podcast is a weekly show made for Tesla fans and owners by Tesla community veteran Ryan McCaffrey. Each week we'll cover everything happening with the Model 3, Model S, Model X, Gigafactory, and more!


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Episode 243: Model Y Updates and New Details

Elon Musk and the Tesla team try to help make a difference around the country during the pandemic, Gigafactory 1 ramps down a bit while Gigafactory 3 ramps up, Model Y towing details have arrived, and more! If you enjoy the podcast and would like to...



Episode 242: Tesla Factory Temporarily Shutting Down

Coronavirus is having far-reaching effects, and despite Tesla’s best efforts, they are not excluded. I’ll tell you about Tesla’s impending temporary shutdown, Elon teasing new software features on Twitter, and more. If you enjoy the podcast and...



Episode 241: Model Y Arrives + New Rumors

The Model Y is being delivered to customers and we’ve got measurements and more. Plus: Elon Musk continues to contemplate where to build the next Gigafactory in the US, an in-car Easter egg has an Easter egg in it, and more! If you enjoy the podcast...



Episode 240: Model 3’s New Track Package

Model 3 gets a Track Package upgrade that includes more than just new wheels, older Model S’s and X’s are finally able to upgrade to the MCU2 center screen, Model Y has a couple of new interior features that the Model 3 currently doesn’t, and...



Episode 239: ‘Congratulations, Your Model Y Is Ready for Delivery’

Model Y deliveries are imminent, Hot Wheels is offering you a chance to get your hands on a (toy) Cybertruck this year while we wait for the real thing, Model 3 is officially one of the overall best-selling cars in California, and more! If you enjoy...


 2020-03-01  1h8m

Episode 238: Plaid Model S Range Revealed

Elon Musk lets me know what to expect from the Plaid Model S’s range, rival automakers are terrified by the awesomeness of the FSD Computer, good news for Standard Range and Standard Range Plus Model 3 owners in winter climates, and more! If you...


 2020-02-23  1h3m

Episode 237: Model Y Tire Details Revealed

TireRack’s new Model Y listings reveal some new information about the newest Tesla’s tire sizes, hopes for an Air Suspension option on the Model 3 are renewed and then almost immediately dashed by Elon, Tesla takes advantage of its all-time-high...


 2020-02-16  1h14m

Episode 236: Gigafactory 5 in Texas?

Elon Musk suggests that he’s considering Texas as the site of the next American Gigafactory, Tesla updates its car battery warranties, more cameras may soon be put to good use on your Tesla, and more! If you enjoy the podcast and would like to...


 2020-02-09  1h9m

Episode 235: Q4 Earnings Call Recap and Analysis

Tesla reports their financial earnings for Q4 2019 and I’ve got highlights from Elon Musk on the call plus a recap and analysis of the news, including a lot of new stuff about the Model Y. If you enjoy the podcast and would like to support my...


 2020-02-02  1h18m

Episode 234: The LEGO Cybertruck Lives

The fan-made LEGO Cybertruck project gets one step closer to reality and gets an upgrade to boot, Tesla releases its latest Autopilot and fire safety report, some good news for Tesla owners in Michigan, and more! If you enjoy the podcast and would...


 2020-01-26  1h10m