Ride the Lightning: Tesla Motors Unofficial Podcast

Ride the Lightning: The Tesla Unofficial Podcast is the world's longest-running weekly Tesla show, made for Tesla fans and owners by Tesla community veteran Ryan McCaffrey. Each week we'll discuss and analyze everything happening with the Cybertruck, Model 3, Model S, Model X, Model Y, Roadster, and more!


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Episode 366: Shareholder Meeting Recap and Analysis

Tesla held its annual shareholder meeting at Giga Texas, and I’ve got the highlights and analysis from Elon Musk’s presentation, along with the Q&A. Tesla’s CEO gave a Cybertruck pricing update, new Gigafactory news, and more! If you enjoy...



Episode 365: Interview With a Former Tesla Engineer

A former Tesla engineer joins me to talk about life at Tesla during a critical time in the company’s history – the run-up to the Model 3 – and how his new company could be the answer to one of the biggest concerns about owning an EV: charging at...



Episode 364: Q2 Earnings Call Recap, Highlights, and Analysis

Tesla releases its Q2 financials and holds its quarterly earnings call. As always I’ve got highlight clips from Elon Musk and the Tesla executive team – including their comments on the Cybertruck, 4680 battery cells and more – plus my analysis...



Episode 363: First V4 Supercharger Details

We've learned the first interesting details about the V4 Superchargers. Plus: Tesla continues to gobble up more marketshare in the luxury space, new Model S and X owners get one less thing to take home at delivery, Tesla’s AI boss is leaving the...



Episode 362: Tesla Production Hangs Tough During Bumpy Q2

Tesla’s production and delivery numbers for Q2 are in, and a surge in June helped stabilize a tough quarter. Plus: Giga Texas is already expanding, a modified Plaid Model S zooms past 200mph, Elon Musk wonders aloud about what Tesla should build...



Episode 361: Tesla Preps Factories For MASSIVE Q4

Tesla is preparing a massive production capability upgrade for Giga Shanghai as Giga Texas and Giga Berlin continue to ramp up, which should set up a huge finish to this year. Plus: it pays to drive a Tesla in Uber, the new head of NHTSA has his eye...


 2022-07-03  1h9m

Episode 360: Cybertruck Timeline Finalized

We now know when the Cybertruck will go into production, thanks to a new interview with Elon Musk. Plus: a new ultra-deluxe vegan interior option is made available for any Tesla, Motor Trend bestows another honor upon the Model S, and more! If you...


 2022-06-26  1h25m

Episode 359: Tesla Stock Split Details Revealed + EAP Returns?

We knew that Tesla’s stock was going to be splitting, pending a shareholder vote, and now we know how many ways it’s set to split. Plus: Tesla increases new vehicle prices yet again, the Model S Plaid sets a new quarter-mile record for a...


 2022-06-19  1h25m

Episode 358: New Cybertruck Details Revealed

The Cybertruck makes an appearance at an event and provides us an interesting new look at some of its recent changes. Plus: the Cybertruck takes an important next step towards production, Autopilot Hardware 4 also takes a big step towards becoming...


 2022-06-12  1h14m

Episode 357: More Deluxe Superchargers on the Way

Another deluxe Supercharger is under construction out West – this time between LA and Vegas. Plus: Tesla’s in-car navigation continues to get better and better, Panasonic gears up for mass production of Tesla’s 4680 battery cells, and more! If...


 2022-06-05  1h20m