Ride the Lightning: Tesla Motors Unofficial Podcast

Ride the Lightning: The Tesla Unofficial Podcast is the world's longest-running weekly Tesla show, made for Tesla fans and owners by Tesla community veteran Ryan McCaffrey. Each week we'll discuss and analyze everything happening with the Cybertruck, Model 3, Model S, Model X, Model Y, Roadster, and more!


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Episode 311: FSD Monthly Subscription Arrives!

The long-awaited Full Self-Driving Capability subscription option arrives, FSD beta 9 is out in the wild with a small group of beta testers, Elon Musk gives a couple of significant Cybertruck updates as well as information about V4 Supercharging, and...



Episode 310: Elon Gives Cybertruck Update

Elon Musk gives a welcome update on the Cybertruck, the long-awaited FSD beta 9 may be out in the wild in the hands of some public testers by the time you hear this, Elon also gives an update on the next major UI update for the Model 3 and Model Y,...



Episode 309: Tesla Breaks its Quarterly Delivery Record...Again

Tesla’s Q2 production and delivery numbers are in, and the news is once again good. Plus: a Plaid Model S goes racing at Pikes Peak and brings home a trophy, Tesla is formally opening up its Superchargers in a couple of European countries, and more!...



Episode 308: One Million Model 3’s!

Tesla hits a major production milestone with the Model 3, Autopilot boss Andrej Karpathy gives a talk on vision-only Autopilot, Giga Berlin shows another sign of significant progress, and more! If you enjoy the podcast and would like to support my...



Episode 307: Plaid Model S Owner Gives His 1-Week Impressions

One of the owners of the first 25 Model S Plaid cars joins me to talk about his impressions of the car after one week of ownership. Plus: Jay Leno discusses his experience with the Plaid, good news for future Tesla and EV owners in a couple places...


 2021-06-20  1h5m

Episode 306: I Went To Plaid! (aka the Plaid Model S Delivery Event)

The Plaid Model S finally gets delivered into the hands of the first batch of owners and I was lucky enough to get to be there to experience it. Meanwhile, the Plaid+ Model S has been canceled. Plus: longtime Tesla executive Jerome Guillen has left...


 2021-06-13  1h19m

Episode 305: Plaid Model S Sets Quarter-Mile Record

The Plaid Model S has set a new production-vehicle record in the quarter mile while customer deliveries of the Plaid S got pushed by a week. Plus: a Tesla driver helped capture a suspect in a vehicle-related crime that sounds like it came out of a...


 2021-06-06  1h9m

Episode 304: Goodbye Radar, Hello Tesla Vision

Tesla passes the point of no return on its transition to a vision-based Autopilot system, the in-cabin camera will now be making sure you’re not trying to pull any Autopilot stunts, the first Tesla Semi Megacharger site has been revealed, and more!...


 2021-05-30  1h21m

Episode 303: Roadster 2.0: Zero to 60mph in 1.1 Seconds!

The next-gen Roadster’s SpaceX-boosted 0-60 time has been revealed, Tesla sneaks the Plaid – or maybe Plaid+ – Model S to the track to set some new records, Mattel is back with yet another remote-controlled Cybertruck toy, and more! If you enjoy...


 2021-05-23  1h12m

Episode 302: Tesla Demand Is to the Moon!

Tesla reportedly sells out production for Q2 before we’re even halfway through the quarter. Plus: Tesla buys another plot of land adjacent to Giga Texas, but what for? Also, we’ve got a new update on city-streets FSD beta 9 timing from Elon Musk,...


 2021-05-16  1h11m