Rider Love - A Kamen Rider Podcast

The podcast that celebrates its love for the Japanese superhero franchise, Kamen Rider; its stories, characters, and fans. Dan and Faiz bring you the news of the week, breakdown episodes of the currently airing series, as well as our favorites from years past, and then let you have your say on the week’s proposed topic. We strive to be upbeat and positive whenever possible, so come join the fun!


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Episode 21 - "Sweaty Cake Knight" - 01.28.17

It’s episode 21 and the podcast is finally legal! :-P To celebrate, Dan is joined by Amber (@tokuswag on Twitter) to discuss the wine-themed one-off special Kamen Rider G as well as her love of the associated long-running boyband SMAP. We get a bit...


 2017-02-01  2h13m

Episode 20 - "Cruella Dan Vil" - 01.20.17

It’s finally time to address the unfortunate passing of one of our favorite characters in recent memory, and Dan & Faiz are up for the task! We discuss Ex-Aid episodes 11, 12, & 13, as well as some of the recently revealed Legend Rider...


 2017-01-25  2h18m

Episode 19 - "Gekitotsu Rowboats" - 01.06.17

Faiz & Dan are all recovered from last week’s Bugster outbreak and full of energy to talk some Ex-Aid! In the news, we have a gay ship SORT of confirmed, Kiriya’s actor has a message for his fans, and you can write fan-mail to Kuroto Dan! In...


 2017-01-08  2h0m

Episode 18 - "Everyone Loves Punchy Arms" - 12.30.16

Dan’s caught the Bugster virus, and Faiz is distressed because of events that can be found in our spoiler section, but nothing can keep us from loving Kamen Rider! We start collecting level 3 gashats in Ex-Aid episodes 5, 6, & 7, and then wrap...


 2016-12-31  1h36m

Episode 17 - "Emu's Startling Physique" - 12.19.16

Dan & Faiz are excited to present… our first Kamen Rider movie commentary! We watch and ramble over the Ghost & Drive movie “Super Movie War Genesis.” As usual, there’s also talk of shirtless men, and magazine scans!   0:00 -...


 2016-12-20  1h57m

Episode 16 - "Dudes Riding Dudes" - 11.23.16

The thirst-train is full steam ahead as Dan & Faiz welcome Kiriya aka Kamen Rider Lazer to the ever-growing Ex-Aid family! Oh yeah, Taiga’s here too. Faiz had some dreams, Dan got some toys, and we take a journey through Ex-Aid episodes 3 and 4!...


 2016-11-24  1h30m

Episode 15 - "Game Start!" - 11.03.16

Ex-Aid is here! A little late, but still pumped, Dan & Faiz are finally ready to dive deep into the latest installment of the Kamen Rider franchise. There’s a little bit of future scans in a spoilery news section, followed by a discussion of...


 2016-11-09  1h27m

Episode 14 - "Kinky Fetish Clones" - 09.14.16

Dan & Faiz return to podcasting after a short break! Shun Nishime's tasteful nudes are discussed as well as all the Ex-Aid stuff we've missed over the last month. We refamiliarize ourselves with Ghost in episodes 30 & 31, followed our...


 2016-09-21  1h29m

Episode 13 - "All the Fumi Feels" - 08.10.16

Dan & Athena enjoy some Ex-Aid audio goodness in the form of music from his movie cameo and our first hint of the Gamer Driver’s voice and effects. We experience all the feels with Grandma Fumi in Ghost episode 29 and the first episode of the...


 2016-08-13  56m

Episode 12 - "Wild Berry Specter" - 08.03.16

Athena joins Dan this week to discuss still more Ex-Aid information, spend some more quality time in the Ganma World in Ghost episodes 27 & 28, and finish off MonarchPeople’s excellent creation Kamen Rider Beat.   07:53 - News 17:33 - Kamen...


 2016-08-07  1h6m