Rider Love - A Kamen Rider Podcast

The podcast that celebrates its love for the Japanese superhero franchise, Kamen Rider; its stories, characters, and fans. Dan and Faiz bring you the news of the week, breakdown episodes of the currently airing series, as well as our favorites from years past, and then let you have your say on the week’s proposed topic. We strive to be upbeat and positive whenever possible, so come join the fun!


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Episode 141 - “Sega CD Super Genesis Mega Drive 32x” - 08.19.20

This week on Rider Love, we’re oh so very close to that Zero-One finale! We’re trucking on with episodes 39 & 40, in which Izu rips our hearts out by having a feeling, and Aruto gets himself a shiny new cheat cartridge. Then in Listener...


 2020-08-22  1h51m

Episode 140 - “Golden Furby” - 08.16.20

This week on Rider Love, we dive back into Episode Discussion with Zero-One episodes 36, 37, & 38. We meet the big bad of the series, and collectively lose our minds over that Thouser “redemption arc.” Also, this week’s News revealed the...


 2020-08-19  1h56m

Episode 139 - “Saber Rattling” - 08.05.20

This week on Rider Love, it’s time for our full on deep dive into all the info released so far about Kamen Rider Saber! From the cast & crew to the story & characters, we’ll give our reactions to this exciting new series premiering in less...


 2020-08-08  2h17m

Episode 138 - “Humagear Oil Change” - 07.30.20

This week on Rider Love, you’ll get our very quick instant reactions to the official reveal of Kamen Rider Saber! We’ll be breaking it all down in excruciating detail NEXT week once we’ve got our thoughts together. For now though, we begin the...


 2020-08-02  2h33m

Episode 137 - “Devil/may cry” - 07.03.20

This week on Rider Love, aside from being supremely exhausted by the state of the planet, we’re purely catching up on a month’s worth of news! We discuss the trademark registration for the next series, Kamen Rider Saber, check out the latest batch...


 2020-07-07  1h45m

Episode 136 - “Yua Yaiba’s Punch-Out” - 05.29.20

This week on Rider Love, we finally witness Yua casting aside her allegiance to ZAIA  in Zero-One 32 & 33! We also get our first look at Aruto’s next powerup, and discuss the precautions Toei is taking as production resumes.   This...


 2020-06-06  2h18m

Episode 135 - “Casa de Fritos” - 05.15.20

This week on Rider Love, we’ve hit another milestone! Four years of podcast! Hard to believe. We barrel into the next phase of Zero-One with episodes 30 & 31 with many a tangent as usual! We also discuss the beginning of this unprecedented...


 2020-05-18  2h10m

Episode 134 - “Peach Accessibility” - 05.01.20

This week on Rider Love, DestinyAmber’s here to help Dan wrap up the last arc of Zero-One with episode 29. The series has some conflicting characters, storylines, and themes, but it’s compelling, and always a lot of fun to talk about! The latest...


 2020-05-08  2h4m

Episode 133 - “Will of the Ark, Baybee” - 04.17.20

This week on Rider Love, we just continue to take things one day at a time. There are some bright spots in these scary times, including the hopeful and supportive messages sent out by veteran toku actors to both the recently released KiramaRed and...


 2020-04-21  1h57m

Episode 132 - “Reverse Hopperfication” - 04.01.20

This week on Rider Love, we react to the unfortunate news that Rio Komiya (KiramaRed) has tested positive for Coronavirus, as well as the impact that COVID-19 is having on the rest of the cast and Toei production at large. On a related but much...


 2020-04-04  1h57m