If you like The Moth, This American Life or Snap Judgment, take a walk on the wilder side with RISK! Your colorful host Kevin Allison (of the legendary comedy group The State) helms this surprisingly uncensored show where people tell jaw-dropping true stories they never thought they'd dare to share in public. RISK! is hilarious, heart-wrenching and remarkably real. Think you've heard it all? Fasten your seatbelt.


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episode 1037: Flexible

Jonathan Bradley Welch, Mav Viola and Sharon Spell share stories about politicians in the closet, a gender journey and a battle with booze.


 2019-06-10  1h9m

episode 1038: Rarities

Trystan Reese, Dick Richards and Pashen Black share stories about a pregnant man, a broken dick and a mother's passing.


 2019-06-17  1h10m

episode 1039: Second Chances

Seth Morris, Ronda Marwa and Christine share stories about the Kerouac lifestyle, a loved one with dementia, and a friendship that came from a kidney donation.


 2019-06-24  1h1m

episode 1040: Changing Minds

Cyndi Freeman, Jake Szczepaniak, and Ollie Gillett share stories about stripping, revisiting an abuser, and attending a sex party as a whole new self.


 2019-07-01  1h0m

episode 1041: Rebounds

John Cotrocois, Edith Gonzalez, and Daniela Mitrovic share stories about drama, experimental dating, and a healing trip.


 2019-07-08  50m

episode 1042: The Best of RISK! Music 16

Our sixteenth collection of our favorite music from the most recent RISK! episodes.


 2019-07-15  1h35m

episode 1043: Setbacks

Shauna McGarry, David Bell and Tracey Starin share stories about hot tubs for hemorrhoids, a Catholic divorce, and staying strong after going blind.


 2019-07-23  1h3m

episode 1044: Touching

Rafe Williams, Eleanor Brimley and Ken Cosby share stories about messages in bottles, self harm and a beloved father figure.


 2019-07-30  1h1m

episode 1045: Oddballs

Todd Shaffer, Julie Threlkeld and Regan Wann share stories about a nutty landlord, a bisexual reveal, and a CPR surprise.


 2019-08-06  56m

episode 1046: Jolts

Paul Peglar, Emerson Dameron, and Amy Brooks share stories about wishing for kisses, a convoluted robbery, and the scars of a family loss.


 2019-08-13  57m