If you like The Moth, This American Life or Snap Judgment, take a walk on the wilder side with RISK! Your colorful host Kevin Allison (of the legendary comedy group The State) helms this surprisingly uncensored show where people tell jaw-dropping true stories they never thought they'd dare to share in public. RISK! is hilarious, heart-wrenching and remarkably real. Think you've heard it all? Fasten your seatbelt.


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episode 312: Lisa Lampanelli

Lisa Lampanelli and Kevin listen to and discuss the first story she told at a RISK! live show.


 2012-01-05  28m

episode 313: Shady

Carlos Kotkin, Mike Blejer, Trouble Jones and Christine Woodward share about the shade they've thrown and the shade they've been thrown.


 2012-01-14  56m

episode 314: Peyton Clarkson

Peyton Clarkson tells the tale of a madman, a cat's balls and a pile of British pounds.


 2012-01-23  26m

episode 315: Beyond Kink Camp, Part 1

Your fearless host applies lessons he learned last fall at Kink Camp to a friendship here in the real world. WARNING: Explicit sexual content.


 2015-07-06  47m

episode 316: Outta Place

R. Ben Garant, Kerri Kenney-Silver, Sheng Wang and Nikki Glaser tell of times things were off kilter and over the line.


 2012-02-08  1h0m

episode 317: Morgan

How an ironworker named Joe became a comedienne named Morgan.


 2015-07-04  28m

episode 318: Unintended

Bobcat Goldthwait, Mollena Williams, Vanessa Ragland, Reid Mihalko and Beowulf Jones forge the gap between expectations and results.


 2012-02-22  1h8m

episode 319: Kamau Bell

W. Kamau Bell wows the crowd at our big Wesleyan University shows.


 2012-02-27  31m

episode 320: What's Going On?!

Helen Hong, Steve Agee, Chris Castiglione, Mike Amato and Elise Pettus come face to face with their own cluelessness.


 2012-03-08  1h6m

episode 321: Al Madrigal

Al Madrigal tells how, before he got hired by The Daily Show, his job was firing everyone else.


 2012-03-17  31m