Join long time Houston Texas Air Ace Big AL as he takes you on a sojourn of the world of Rock music, forward and into the past!


Rockcast Friday.09.04.15a; Highly Suspect, Pearl Jam, Pop Evil, Led Zeppelin, Electric Light Orchestra, The Sword, Sublime with Rome, Crazytown, Cheap Trick, Bill Wyman, The White Buffalo, Widesoread Panic, Ashley Hamilton, Buckcherry

Jade Helm has left Texas with no media coverage. No Jade Helm is not a former stripper but the name of the Army maneuvers held in Texas. Liars like Cruz and lame media tried to convince the people that the U.S. Army was going to invade and take over Texas


 2015-09-25  1h0m

Rockcast Sunday.08.23.15a; Jessica Hernandez and The Deltas, Alice Cooper, Cheap Trick, MC5, Wings, Euclid Beach Band, Ramones, Raveonettes, Cape Canaveral, Ginger Sling, Mike Meyers, Rick Springfield, Chicago, REO Speedwagon, Blind Faith, George Harrison 1. Jessica Hernandez and The Deltas - Deceptacon 2. Alice Cooper - Hello Hooray [Rockcast Mix] 3. Cheap Trick - Just Got Back [Demo Record] 4. MC5 - High School 5. Wings - Listen To What The Man Said 6. Euclid Beach Band - There's No Surf


 2015-09-02  1h7m

Rockcast Sunday.08.16.15a; Bob Seger and The Last Heard, Superfloor, Wet Willie, Genesis, Frank Turner, Focus, Shocking Blue, Ricki and The Flash, Lit, Ronnie Earl and The Broadcasters, Robin Trower, Sharkmuffin

 The heat lingers but this summer is almost finished. A true sign of fall approaching here is football players in full pads fist fighting in the 100 degree heat. Like the swallows return to Capistrano the sight of behemoths means cooler weather ahead


 2015-08-18  59m

Rockcast Friday.08.07.15a; Wings, Ben Folds, XTC, Genesis [American], Genesis, Fingers Eleven, Strypes, Ramones, Joe Jackson, Rick Springfield, Badfinger, Harry Nilsson, Matthew E White, Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band, Fratellis

  A quick tip of the old Rockcast cap to all my friends born in August. The unofficial Sons and Daughters of Leo Club, with a handful of Virgos tossed in. I have never figured out how so many people I am friends with have August birthdays. Over the y


 2015-08-08  1h5m