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episode 287: Misinformation!!

We have Nina Jancowicz, the author of a book on misinformation campaigns, talking about how the United States can save itself! Then, the Clubhouse meltdown, you knew we had to cover it. Finally, the case for Eurovision Song Contest.



episode 286: BAN TOWN!

We cover how many social media platforms are finally bringing down the banhammer; meanwhile, Apple keeps stepping in it with developers. Then we bring on a special guest to talk about the most important story of the day: ridiculous YouTube drama.



episode 285: Farewell, Mac Apps

It's time for WWDC news!! But first, an update on the saga of Hey and the App Store. Don't worry, we have plenty to say about ARM-based Mac chips and the new MacOS.



episode 284: Hey hey hey

David Heinemeier Hansson joins us to discuss Basecamp's new email app Hey, their rejection from the App Store over in-app purchases, and the EU's antitrust case against Apple.



Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone

The potential future of ARM Macs, the potential future of 230, and the past of CrossFit.



An Episode of Rocket

This week we're covering Twitter and Facebook's respective responses to Trump's posts on their platforms, as well as recommending ways to contribute if you feel helpless right now but want to do something to support justice and Black Lives Matter.


 2020-06-04  53m

We Hacked A Switch

Oops! Let's dig into the WSJ report on Facebook's divisiveness. Then we revisit the magical days of hackable graphing calculators, and discuss the state of HBO Max, whatever that is. Finally, Christina hacked her Switch. BUT WHY!


 2020-05-28  1h5m

Cycle of Discourse

Microsoft's Fluid Functionality was the talk of Build this week — so let's talk about it! Then some bite-sized features on an upcoming change to Twitter replies and the iOS 13.5 update which will make it easier to open your phone without a mask.


 2020-05-21  56m

New Guts

Let's talk new Surface hardware, and Epic's Unreal 5 demo! Then, an interview with Dan Moren about his new book, The Aleph Extraction. Finally, Tony Hawk is coming to this-gen consoles.


 2020-05-14  1h1m

14 Cores

This week on Rocket we give you an update on Brianna's choice of Mac, and eulogize the butterfly keyboard, now confirmed dead with the announcement of the latest 13-inch Macbook Pro. Plus… Fyre Festival is back??


 2020-05-07  48m