Rogue Retirement Lounge with Matt Franklin: Entrepreneur, Investor, Real Estate Enthusiast

If you're self-employed and you want to learn about retirement planning and investing, this podcast is for you. **THIS IS NOT YOUR AVERAGE, BORING RETIREMENT PODCAST** The Rogue Retirement Lounge covers investing basics, real estate, self-directed IRAs, retiring abroad, and much more. We talk about how to find cash-flowing assets that can beat stock market returns with less risk. We also cover tax-reduction strategies, asset protection, macroeconomics and other financial goodness, along with other info you need to know as you approach retirement, including social security, medicare, travel, health, longevity and more. Learn more at

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episode 45: Retirement News For Friday September 24, 2021: Syndication Updates, Celebrity Tax Dodging, New Retirement Savings Legislation, All-You-Can-Eat Sushi

So today I just wanted to give you some updates on one of the cornerstones of my retirement plan: Real estate syndications. I had two excellent updates come in this week, and thought I'd share them with you. You might have heard about 31-year-old waitress Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and her "Tax the rich" message on her dress at the Met Gala...



episode 44: My Interview On The Cortez Hustle Show: Behind The Scenes At Shark Tank, Retirement Planning For Solopreneurs, And More...

A couple months back I was on the Cortez Hustle Podcast and I figured, why not share it with YOU? We cover a lot of ground, including Shark Tank, real estate, syndications, fear of the stock market, and other retirement information for solopreneurs. Self-employed people and entrepreneurs, as it turns out, can always use help with retirement planning and money management. Check out the Cortez Hustle show here:



episode 43: Retirement News For Friday September 17, 2021: More NY Times Crypto Ignorance, Quarterlies, Housing Shortage, And A Tribute To Cornell Maier

Okay kids, today's a GOOD one! Sit back, grab your favorite beverage, and get SMARTER with each passing minute. Retirement News for the last week includes... Socialist imbecile offers his dumbass opinion about Bitcoin in the New York Times: ( *The nationwide housing shortage is only getting worse...



episode 42: When NOT To Pay Off Your Credit Card (unpopular opinion). You'll Retire Sooner If You Do What I Did...

Would you rather pay off your credit card and save 11% interest for the next year, or make an INSTANT 27% return? Sometimes, it just ain't smart to follow the advice of financial gurus. Sometimes, you gotta do what Uncle Matt did, and you might get your retirement plan up and running sooner than later. Remember, go to to sign up for your own Blockfi account. You'll get up to a $250 crypto bonus and you'll be on the best exchange out there...



episode 41: Retirement News For Friday September 10th, 2021: PPI Hits 11-Year High, SHRINKflation, Campus Insanity And Your Future, IRS "Savers Credit"

This week on YOUR FAVORITE RETIREMENT PODCAST! PPI up 8.3% year over year. Here's the shrinkflation link I talked about: ( Campus insanity continues. Ideologues indoctrinating your already water-headed kids. IRS has a sweet little tax credit if you've had a slow year this year. Read about it here: https://www.fool...



episode 40: EXTRA! EXTRA! Financial HISTORY In The Making... Bitcoin Comes To El Salvador - What YOU Need To Know

September 7, 2021. It really is gonna be a historic day. In today's episode, I'll share some of the good AND the bad news about the new El Salvador law. Remember, go to to sign up for your own Blockfi account. You'll get up to a $250 crypto bonus and you'll be on the best exchange out there. AND you'll be able to earn interest on your crypto...



episode 39: WHO TO FOLLOW: Kevin Rose

This is the first of a series of bonus episodes I'm gonna do, where I talk about a person that I believe you should be aware of, and hopefully, start to follow. This inaugural episode is focused on Kevin Rose. You'll learn a bit about him, and you'll learn how he has helped me make some very easy money. Find Kevin's "Modern Finance" podcast here: (



episode 38: Retirement News For Friday Sept. 3, 2021: SCOTUS Ends Eviction Ban, Homeless Landlord, NY Times Crypto FAIL, Bank Of The Future

Lots of retirement news to cover today: Here's the article about the landlord who's homeless due to her deadbeat tenants: ( The NY Times ham-fisted article on Bitcoin's calamitous environmental impact: (https://www.nytimes...



episode 37: Retirement News For Friday August 27, 2021: Rents BLOW UP, Crypto/NFT News, Mark Cuban vs. SEC Chairman, Social Security Fears...

HEY HEY HEY! Today's good. We find out rents are going way up, so be happy you bought that investment real estate!! Crypto and Bitcoin news and YOUR retirement!! Mark Cuban lashes out, which is awesome, and I miss out on some serious NFT profit, which sucks. Speaking of NFTs, check out my new on on Instagram: ( And while you're there, follow me! I'm a social media dummy, so I need all the friends I can get...


 2021-08-28  22m

episode 36: Buy Real Estate For 20 Bucks? The Magic Of REITs in Your Retirement Plan. Real Estate Investment Trusts DEEP DIVE.

So you say you want to buy real estate as part of your retirement, but maybe you don't have enough cash for the down payment? Well, real estate investment trusts might be the answer. In today's episode of the Rogue Retirement Lounge, I do a deep dive into REITs. What they are, how they work, advantages, disadvantages, and on and on and on. And remember, Dave Ramsey PROHIBITS investing with REITs, so if you follow his investing advice, please avoid this episode...


 2021-08-25  22m