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Role Playing Public Radio is a tabletop RPG podcast for all gamers! Our shows feature gaming advice, reviews, and discussions about the hobby. Hosted by award-winning author, Ross Payton, RPPR is a must listen for everyone interested in tabletop games. Whether you're an experienced GM or new to hobby, there's something here for you. If you want to create your own game, you can listen to our ongoing series Game Designer Workshop, where we look at every aspect of publishing RPGs, from initial design to printing and shipping your own game. In our regular episodes, We also look at some of the weirdest games ever published in our After Hours series.

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Episode 193: Designing Monsters for RPGs with Greg Stolze and Caleb Stokes

Designing new monsters for your RPG is a time honored tradition for most GMs. I got Greg Stolze and Caleb Stokes to talk about their approaches to creating new creatures for games. Is the monster a metaphor or just a weird new enemy to fight?



After Hours Preview: Synnibarr Third Edition Ultimate Adventurer’s Guide

The Worldship is back! There’s a new edition of the Synibarr and we’re diving into it. I got a full round table of RPPR regulars to explore the Ultimate Adventurer’s Guide. Baz, Caleb, Noah, and Thad and I found so many different things,



Game Designer Workshop: Jeff Barber and Caleb Stokes on RPG Design and Publishing in the Post-Pandemic World

Like so many other things, game design has changed in the post-pandemic world. Jeff Barber, author of Blue Planet, and Caleb Stokes, author of Red Markets, and I talk about work and the industry. Jeff’s been hard at work on Blue Planet: Recontact and C...


 2022-08-23  1h15m

After Hours Preview: Aesthetic Games

The Consumer Aesthetics Research Institute (CARI) is an amazing website that categorizes popular aesthetic trends from the last 70 years in pop culture. Baz, Thad, and I browsed through the categories and used them to come up with ideas for new RPGs,


 2022-08-15  13m

Episode 192: Multiverse Mayhem

The Multiverse is back! Films and TV shows featuring the concept of a multiverse are more popular than ever, even though they are old hat in tabletop RPGs. Special guest Patrick from RPX and Tech Diff podcasts and I talk about ways you can implement a ...


 2022-08-02  54m

Ludonarrative Dissidents Season 2 Episode 0: Card Mechanics in RPGs

Many RPGs use cards in their mechanics, from playing cards to Tarot to custom decks of cards. We discuss some of these games, the types of mechanics we’ve seen and the history of card-based games. If you enjoy this episode,


 2022-07-18  1h25m

Episode 191: The Terminator RPG and Licensed Games

The Terminator RPG was released as a PDF recently. A special guest, Jacqueline Bryk and I went through the game. It contains a lot of rules, including a dense system for hacking, something I hadn’t seen since Shadowrun and Cyberpunk.


 2022-06-27  1h18m

Episode 190: Outcasts in RPGs

News: The RPPR Patreon just finished a six part podcast series on the mega dungeon Castle Greyhawk. It’s a very funny and weird module and we had a lot of reviewing combing through it. Patrons at the $10 level and higher can get one on one RPG design/a...


 2022-05-23  1h6m

After Hours: AD&D WG7 Castle Greyhawk – Part 1

Castle Greyhawk (module WG7) might be the worst official D&D module of all time. A massive dungeon of 12 levels, each written by a different author, sounds like a great hack and slash module, but Castle Greyhawk has a twist. It’s supposed to be…funny.


 2022-04-05  1h25m

Episode 189: Plundering the Public Domain

The public domain expanded this year and Caleb and I dive into it to find gameable material. Anyone can use these books, images, or music, for whatever project they can imagine. I found a list of characters from pulp fiction magazines with such interes...


 2022-03-09  1h22m