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Role Playing Public Radio looks at role playing games with humor and insight. Our mission is to make gaming more fun, whether it is celebrating a legendary session or making fun of dysfunctional games. If you have ever slain a gazebo by mistake, looted the body of a sass mouthed NPC, or died screaming in Call of Cthulhu, RPPR is for you!

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Interview with Pete Petrusha on Chew the RPG

Sponsor: Check out the Chew RPG Kickstarter! After running a two part game with the new Forged in the Dark RPG, Chew, I wanted to talk to Pete Petrusha about the game. I liked how Chew ran differently than Blades as it focuses on investigating crimes i...



Episode 186: Wiretapping and Labor Organizing – Scenario Workshop

News: Please fill out the RPPR Survey so I can improve the quality of the RPPR Patreon. Thanks! Synopsis: Thad and I both have ideas for scenarios. I got an idea for an investigative scenario (probably Delta Green) after I watched a series called Fear ...



Preview of After Hours Episode 74: Ninjas and Superspies Part 1

NOTE: This is a preview of our most recent After Hours episode. If you want to listen to the full episode, subscribe to the RPPR Patreon for only $2 a month! There’s one Palladium RPG we’ve barely mentioned and it’s now time to dissect it.


 2021-09-10  31m

Episode 185: Long Term Gaming Groups

News: We’re remastering classic actual play episodes of RPPR! If you want to listen to Lady Gaga 2.0 with improved audio quality, download the episode here. If you want to pick which classic episodes are edited,


 2021-08-26  1h2m

After Hours: Judge’s Guild: Inferno – Part 1

We have another preview episode of After Hours from the RPPR Patreon! If you enjoy this episode, consider backing us to help support this podcast. Episodes 70 ,71, and 72 continue our descent into Inferno. Synopsis: We’re going to Hell!


 2021-07-06  1h10m

RPPR Episode 184: Vtubers and Tabletop RPGs in Japan

News: Check out Arkham Cold Cases on the RPPR Patreon! Episode 4 features Caleb as a guest and it’s quite hilarious. Listen to a sample here. We’ve also picked a regular time for livestreams on the RPPR Patreon Discord – 6 pm CST on Sundays.


 2021-06-21  48m

Game Designer Workshop: Caleb Stokes on Fae’s Anatomy

Caleb and I sat down to talk about his new project, Fae’s Anatomy. It parodies the stories found in procedural medical dramas. Think General Hospital, Grey’s Anatomy, M.A.S.H, or House. Only insane, because who needs realism?


 2021-05-28  41m

Ludonarrative Dissidents: Apocalypse World – Episode 0

Ludonarrative Dissidents is a new podcast series from Ross Payton, Greg Stolze, and James Wallis. Check out the Kickstarter to help fund this project and get unique rewards! In each episode, we plan to focus on a particular RPG,


 2021-05-19  1h20m

Game Designer Workshop: Jeff Barber on Blue Planet Recontact

Jeff Barber recently spoke to me about his new project, Blue Planet Recontact. It’s the new, updated, definitive edition of the classic science fiction roleplaying game set on the wild, frontier waterworld of Poseidon.


 2021-04-13  53m

RPPR Episode 183: Delta Green Impossible Landscapes and Dead Channels

The first full Delta Green campaign, Impossible Landscapes, is finally out. I’ve long awaited this book, as I have been fascinated with Carcosa and surreal horror since I first read Night Floors years ago. I caught up with Dennis Detwiller and Shane Iv...


 2021-02-26  1h5m