Roll Like a Girl (An Actual Play D&D 5E Podcast)

Join us as a group of girls play D&D 5E- some newer to the game than others - as their ragtag party learns the ins and outs of becoming certified 'adventurers' and how to get along with one another in a not so kind world. Stories, giggles and blood spill shared as they set aside their differences to face an unknown common enemy.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 54m. Bisher sind 78 Folge(n) erschienen. Jede Woche gibt es eine neue Folge dieses Podcasts


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episode 77: Season 3 Episode 10: Sun Glasses Please

It's a bit of a stretch for the ladies. In a surprising turn of events, they're still trying to get ready for their desert trip. However, will that weird little gnome guy and his camels do the trick?



episode 76: Season 3 Episode 9: The World Globe

When in Rome, do your research. The ladies have been tasked to go to the Cartographer's Guild to do research about their mysterious Eye in the middle of the dessert. But my gods, the shenanigans that ensued are bound to be entertaining.



episode 75: Season 3 Episode 8: The Recap

The audio to this episode was lost to the Great Arkansan Hard Drive crash! So, try as we might, we still wanted to recap things for you guys!



episode 74: Season 3 Episode 7: The Train Ride Home

After another successful mission for the Golden Crane Society, the ladies are ready to head home with absolutely no troubles what so ever. Right?



episode 73: Season 3 Episode 6: Paper Cut

Well, there's not much left but a good old fashioned brawl. Let's do this!



episode 72: Season 3 Episode 5: What A Ball

On this week's episode, we are joined by our lovely craft fair winners, Cecia and Sara, on this new leg of our adventure! This time, true colors are shown as we see how the girls interact with one another and new players in their mysterious playing field.


 2019-03-09  59m

episode 71: Season 3 Episode 4: Return Home

The ladies are successful in retrieving the last heir to the throne and returning him to his fiance. However, politics of course have to come into play.


 2019-02-24  46m

episode 70: Season 3 Episode 3: Extraction

The girls have finally located their target, but will their extraction plan hold true or will things (like normal) mess up their perfect plan? And, who doesn't know how to use a door?


 2019-02-17  56m

episode 69: Season 3 Episode 2: Red Cross Work

The girls make it into the war zone more or less under the guise of working for the red cross, when...they actually do end up working for the red cross now. When they are intercepted by the militia things get....interesting... (Also Episode 69! Nice ;) )


 2019-02-11  48m

episode 68: Season 3 Episode 1: Search and Rescue

It is time: Season 3. Meet the new ladies as they are brought together by The Golden Crane Society to go to a city, split by a Rebellion to save the last son of a royal blood line. Can they do it without getting in to too much trouble? Will three strongly


 2019-02-03  59m