Roll with Advantage

Roll with Advantage is a tabletop RPG podcast where seven friends sit around a table and play the best game on Earth!

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episode 24: Season 2 - Ep. 24 - Shenanigans

Follow along this week as the party explores Waterdeep in an effort to find the evil A. Winterscost. Thank you so much for listening. Please help grow the show by telling all the humans about us! That's the only way, and the best way, for us to grow. Rea


 2019-03-11  1h2m

episode 23: Season 2 - Ep. 23 - Deadly Discounts

This week's episode is sure to meeting interesting characters as the party continues to poke around in Waterdeep and start sniffing out the Vampire scum. Come listen and share us with your friends! Thank you so much for listening to us for another episod


 2019-03-04  55m

episode 22: Season 2 - Ep. 22 - Unexpected Guests

The party is suspected of high crimes and have been asked by the Authorities to stick around in town. What sort of trouble will our heroes get into as they get more stir crazy? Listen now to find out! Thank you so much for listening! Please help us grow


 2019-02-24  50m

episode 21: Season 2 - Ep. 21 - Out with a Bang

Grab your popcorn! There are about to be fireworks in Waterdeep. Come listen to our new episode and hear for yourself! Hey there! Thanks so much for listening to our podcast! Please help us grow the show and tell all the people about us. Hit us up on Twi


 2019-02-18  1h25m

episode 20: Season 2 - Ep. 20 - Furtive Fog

I heard Kinien doesn't even know magic!! Thanks for listening! Please help us grow our little podcast by telling everyone about us. On the phone with a telemarketer? Derail the conversation really quick and tell them about the wonderful Roll with Advanta


 2019-02-11  1h14m

episode 19: Season 2 - Ep. 19 - Waterdeep

At the invitation of the devious vampire A. Winterscost the party has landed in Waterdeep Harbor. But is the party ready for what lies ahead? Thank you so much for listening to the show! We are so glad that you enjoy it. Please give us a shout out on Twi


 2019-02-06  57m

episode 18: Season 2 - Ep. 18 - City of Mist

Winterscost better watch themselves because they have messed with the wrong cleric. Tune in to find out what happens next on Roll With Advantage! Well well well so we meet again...Thank you so much for listening to the podcast! Please help us grow by


 2018-12-31  53m

episode 17: Season 2 - Ep. 17 - Calling Card

Come hang with us as our heroes explore more of Everlund, protect those they love, and pester those unfortunate to catch the parties interest. Thank you so so much for listening to the podcast. We love that you guys get so much enjoyment from listening t


 2018-12-27  1h11m

episode 16: Season 2 - Ep. 16 - Treasureee

With the Dragon's treasure in their sights the crew is focused and ready for they think. And that's how you turn lead into gold.........OH! Hey....hey there. How long have you been standing there? Well, no matter. Thank you so much for list


 2018-12-17  1h16m

episode 15: Season 2 - Ep. 15 - The Mouth of the Mountain

Who knows what adventurers might find hidden in the snow-capped mountains north of Everlund. One thing we can guarantee is, an adventure awaits. Thank you so so much for listening. Please if you like the show, do us a favor and tell everyone you know. Hi


 2018-12-03  49m