Roll with Advantage

Roll with Advantage is the Dungeons and Dragons actual-play podcast you didn't know you were looking for. Come join the fun and action as our heroes encounter iconic D&D locations, monsters, and characters.

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episode 30: Season 1 - Ep. 30: The Creepy Town By The Forest

Replenished and restocked, what will our adventurers do now? Where will they go on their way to see the Masters of the Wilds? The time has come, it is time for you to take to the internet and let all the people out there know what you think. Leave us a r


 2017-11-27  42m

episode 29: Season 1 - Ep. 29: The Trollmoors

Our adventurers explore the Trollmoors, will they find their way out alive? What might be chasing all the Trolls out of the swamp??? Let's find out! Thank you so much for listening. If you wanna help keep Roll With Advantage up and running head on over t


 2017-11-20  53m

episode 28: Season 1 - Ep. 28: Ha Whoooo Are You?

The Order gains more fame as that save the Calling Horns Road House from the attacking Trolls. With this comes responsibility and risk though as now the town needs them to investigate why. Love the podcast and what to help us grow? Word of mouth is the b


 2017-11-13  1h7m

episode 27: Season 1 - Ep. 27: The Ranger Vordana

Long-term friends are made on the road. What with this halfling be? Let's find out... Thanks for listening to the show! Wanna help us grow? Then tell the internet about us, tell your friends about us, heck tell your gran about us. You can do that by leav


 2017-11-06  1h3m

episode 26: Season 1 - Ep. 26: Protectors of Yartar Pt. 2

The battle has begun, but how will it shake out? And, who will survive? Let's find out now! Love us? Well, we love you. That's right, you are awesome, strong, and independent and we just love that about you. Hit us up on Twitter @dmstable using the #Roll


 2017-10-30  55m

episode 25: Season 1 - Ep. 25: Protectors of Yartar

Cchio got some intel. on Fire Giant activity just outside of town. What trouble or glory can the Order find there? Let us find out now! Wanna help support the show, and are strapped for cash? Pshh, easy peasy, just tell all your friends about us. Convinc


 2017-10-23  1h6m

episode 24: Season 1 - Ep. 24: Travelers of Evermoor Way Pt. 2

Many types of people and creatures haunt the Evermoor Way. Some good, but not all... Love the show? So do we! Hit us up on Twitter @dmstable using #RollWithAdvantage and we would love to discuss character motives story backgrounds and what have you. Than


 2017-10-16  50m

episode 23: Season 1 - Ep. 23: Travelers of Evermoor Way

With Triboar now safe, the Order meets with Darathra and start to gain an understanding of where they need to head off to. Will the winds of the road sweep them off course though? Let us find out... Hey, we like you. You know why? Well, you're a listener


 2017-10-09  1h0m

episode 22: Season 1 - Ep. 22: Attack on Triboar! Pt. 2

The Giants may have been tough but there is more to contend with. Will the town survive? Let us hear how the Order fairs in their attempts to save the town. If you're having a good time listening to the podcast, then chances are others would be too and j


 2017-10-02  1h2m

episode 21: Season 1 - Ep. 21: Attack on Triboar!

War in Triboar! Ring the town bell, alert the Twelve! Listen and find out if our heroes can help save Triboar from this most terrible attack. Love the podcast and want to help support it? Then go check out our Patreon (


 2017-09-25  1h28m