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Rootstock Radio celebrates the changemakers who are working to restore and revitalize our broken food and farming system. We balance the doom-and-gloom with real-life solutions for contributing to a sustainable future.

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How Food Can Turn a ‘Place’ into a ‘Home’

Farmer, cooperator and refugee advocate Mai Nguyen talks about her current focus on creating sustainable alternatives to the industrial food system and mobilizing young farmers to reform political structures in the U.S.


 2019-01-28  28m

Alex Eaton: Let's Talk About Poop (Cow Manure, That Is)

Alex Eaton of shares the innovative manure digester system that turns animal manure into both fertilizer and fuel. He's addressing climate change, food insecurity and poverty around the world in a single package. Listen in to learn more!


 2019-01-21  28m

Florencia Ramirez: How Much Water Do You "Eat"?

Florencia Ramirez, author of "Eat Less Water," shares how we must look at water conservation through a different lens. She breaks down the relationship between our water and our soil and why the solution to water scarcity is truly in our kitchens.


 2019-01-14  28m

Jon Steinman: The Magic of Food Co-ops

"Deconstructing Dinner" podcast host Jon Steinman shares how consumer-owned cooperative grocery stores, or food co-ops, are changing the retail grocery landscape – and communities – for the better.


 2019-01-07  28m

Arty Mangan: From Juice to Climate Change

Arty Mangan of Bioneers shares the most effective carbon sequestration tech that he knows of, feelings about trendy farming words right now, organic ag training in the deep South, and the inspirational greeting among Peruvian farmers.


 2018-12-17  28m

A-Dae Romero Briones: The Revival of Agriculture in Indigenous Communities

From bringing awareness to the traditions and strengths that indigenous populations can draw on to engaging native youth in the food systems of their communities, A-dae covers it all. Listen in to hear how First Nations Development Institute is using food


 2018-12-10  28m

Starhawk: Applying Permaculture to Plants…and People

Author, activist and permaculture designer Starhawk shares how agricultural permaculture can inform social permaculture (and what the heck that even means). Plus, she digs into how to engage with someone you don’t agree with in a productive way.


 2018-12-03  28m

Activism 101: Age is Just a Number

Kristy Drutman, a recent graduate of the University of California, Berkeley who is now the California Digital Campaigner for, talks about her work as an environmental activist over the past 5 years, her passion for environmental storytelling and o


 2018-11-20  28m

The State of the Seed Industry (And Why You Should Care)

Mark Schapiro, award-winning international and environmental journalist, talks about his most recent book Seeds of Resistance: The Fight to Save our Food Supply, how he got interested in seeds to begin with and how seeds are—in many ways—the most prim


 2018-11-19  28m

Rice: The New Frontier of Sustainable Ag

You’ve heard about organic, permaculture, grass-fed, maybe even aquaculture. But did you know that the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) might be the new frontier of sustainable ag? Get the scoop from Ken Lee, CEO of Lotus Foods on this week’s epis


 2018-11-12  28m