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Rotten but still a little sweet! Rotten Mango is a true crime + all things spooky podcast. We love doing deep dives into the darkest crimes and we tend to not leave out any details - which can get a little rotten at times. If you want deep dives in the psychology of killers, no holding back storytelling of crimes, and stories of lesser known criminals from around the world this is the place for you. Welcome to Rotten Mango but don’t worry it all comes with a seasoning of comedy/sweetness.

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episode 119: The Death List - The Scorecard Serial Killer (Case of Randy Kraft)

The highway patrol officers turned on their sirens. 2nd drunk driver of the night. This guy was worse than the first. He had a friend in the passenger seat - drunk, passed out, and he didn’t even realize they had been pulled over. He sat there sleeping while the driver was being arrested. “Come on bud time to find a new ride” - the officer tapped the window. That’s when he realized - the passenger wasn’t drunk. He was dead. Full Source Notes: rottenmangopodcast...



episode 118: 5 Teens Went Into The Woods - Only 1 Walked Out (Case of “Gitchie Girl”)

In the halls of their high school - nobody dared to walk near her. Most of the students pretended they didn’t see her, hear her, or know her. If you were new there you might ask - “What did she do?” “Oh, you don’t know? That’s Gitchie Girl. She went into the woods with 4 of her friends and she’s the only one that came out alive. And we all know that Gitchie Girl is hiding something...



episode 117: The Monster of Italy And His Sick “Trophies” (Serial Killer)

In Florence, Italy - it’s said that 1/3 of people are conceived in cars. Young couples would drive up the isolated hills to have some fun - and creepers would flock to watch them. They would watch, record, “enjoy” themselves, and then go home. Except for one creeper - he wanted more. He would ambush the couple right after they were done - and drag the woman out of the car to take something for himself...



episode 116: Eaten by Alligators or Murdered at Lake Seminole (Case of Mike Williams)

Alligators are one of the world’s oldest predators. Their bite is 3x stronger than that of a lion. So it was a no-brainer to police when they were told Mike Williams went missing at Lake Seminole. “He was eaten alive - maybe they took his body to their dens for later food.” - they thought. But when pieces of clothes that presumably belonged to Mike surfaced - people were confused. There were in pristine condition. Practically new...



episode 115: The Crime Show Copycat Killer (Case of Jason Bautista)

Jason was a straight A college student, with 2 jobs, and his favorite show was “The Sopranos.” He was a nice kid with a bright future ahead of him. One day police found Jason’s mom had gone missing. Jason was worried. He had thrown her headless body off a cliff - just like what he learned from his favorite show. But he had been so busy - that he hadn’t gotten around to burning her head and her hands. They were still sitting in the closet waiting for him...



episode 114: The Creepy Father In Law Diaries (Case of Susan & Josh Powell)

He wrote in his diary everyday about his love and desire for Susan. He took hundreds of pictures of Susan - of her getting dressed, eating cereal, using the restroom, even shopping at Costco. Her husband was no good for her. They were not in love. Not like the way he and Susan were in love. You probably guessed it but Susan had no idea that he was in love with her. And she definitely wasn’t interested in dating her father-in-law. When Susan went missing - all his creepy secrets would be exposed...



episode 113: The Pharmacy Killer (Twisted Case of Sheila Davalloo)

It’s healthy for couples to talk to each other. That’s exactly what Mrs. C was trying to do to keep her marriage alive. She would come home to tell her husband about the love triangle at work. “Melissa loves Jack but Jack is seeing Anna” can you believe it? At first, it seemed like innocent coworker drama but slowly it got sinister. Mrs. C wanted to help Melissa spy on the couple, hack into voicemails, and even break into apartments. Mr. C also knew all about Melissa & Jack’s sex life...



episode 112: The Hillside Stranglers Part 2 (Case of Angelo Buono Jr & Kenneth Bianchi)

Family should always be close. The two cousins did everything together. They slept with their son's underage girlfriends together, started a business, and even lived together. They wanted to experience life’s greatest pleasures - together, as a family. The rush of injecting a woman with Windex (the window cleaner) to see how they would convulse. The rush of hooking up a woman to electrical wires from an auto shop. The rush of leaving naked bodies all over happy Los Angeles...



episode 111: The Hillside Stranglers (Case of Angelo Buono Jr & Kenneth Bianchi)

Kenny was ecstatic - he was finally moving to LA where he would chase his dreams. To make things better his older cousin was letting him stay at his house. He would also teach him a few lessons on how to be successful. “Lesson #1: You gotta hit the bullseye. Make it your target. Right between the legs. Always use a wet towel. It doesn’t leave bruise marks. Oh, and Kenny? Don’t chicken out when you strangle them...



episode 110: The Alcàsser Girls (Case of Toñi, Desirée, & Miriam)

The beekeeper called for his friend - “Jose you need to come now!” He had found something near the abandoned house. They rushed over to a small pit on the ground covered with branches. They bent down - used an old spatula to move around the dirt. It was a watch. They screamed…the watch was still attached to its owner...


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