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RPGMP3 is the great great granddaddy of Actual Play Gaming. We were one of the first gaming sites to publish a podcast via iTunes and have a history of being a friendly and inclusive place to talk about gaming and geek related topics of all kinds. RGPMP3 has been recording and podcasting tabletop games since 2003. We have assaulted the ear holes of the unwary with all kinds of gaming awesomeness, from mainstream DnD and Pathfinder to indie games like The Mountain Witch and Pirates of the Spanish Main to homebrew systems and settings. We also provide a place for contributor groups to display their own tabletop game recordings getting an instant audience and allowing the site to present more content to listeners. We run our own server allowing us a great deal of control over how our content is delivered and consumed.


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Kingmaker Session 106

In which Kaylen pumps Illora Rusk for information, and Gatekeeper has something to say. Originally recorded 23 October 2019.



Curse of the Crimson Throne Session 82

In which our heroes finally get around to addressing Illeosa’s little problem, and a nail-biting game of sredna is had. Originally recorded 26 November 2019. Thanks to Derek & Brandon Fiechter for ‘Fire Elemental’,



Iron Gods Session 16

The party travels towards Aldronard’s Grave, a keep near Scrapwall. They rescue a lonely tiefling traveler from an attack by robot snakes and he joins their merry band. Arriving at the keep they find that it is in the grip of some disease,


 2020-07-10  3h51m

Hexad of Hyskosa Session 03

Session 03: Ghouls Out For Summer Team Lunchable begins to explore the abductions and strange deaths that have been happening in Marais d’Tarascon. They chat with townsfolk and pick up a boatload of rumors and tales of woe.


 2020-07-09  2h42m

Hexad of Hyskosa Session 02

Session 02: Fortunes, Stereotypes and Crocodile Handbags The party continues punting through the swamps. They meet a group of Vistani, who in a fit of Romani stereotyping, invite the party to stay and read their fortunes.


 2020-07-03  3h24m

Iron Gods Session 15

The party takes stock, reveling in their success in Torch. They explore the idea that the power relay was sending power somewhere, and to ensure the safety of Torch they agree to investigate the gang-run town of Scrapwall to the northeast.


 2020-07-02  3h26m

Kingmaker Session 105

In which Kaylen fights for his life against a murderous ambush. Originally recorded 16 October 2019.


 2020-07-01  2h4m

Curse of the Crimson Throne Session 81

In which the GM pays off on a 75 session long build-up, and the party must face their greatest enemy – the deadly sorceress Lucy Wintrish! Originally recorded 19 November 2019.


 2020-06-25  2h29m

Hexad of Hyskosa Session 01

Session 01: Unladen Swallows The party is wandering through the Vast Swamp in search of treasure when a strange mist envelops them and the stars seem to change. They are attacked by dangerous creatures and a few people get swallowed.


 2020-06-16  2h26m

Iron Gods Session 14

Our brave adventurers delve back below the Black Hill to ensure they have made the whole site safe for the villagers of Torch. They encounter a little more resistance then they were perhaps wanting and Kiernan (and the rest) are very happy with his new...


 2020-06-16  4h26m