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RPGMP3 is the great great granddaddy of Actual Play Gaming. We were one of the first gaming sites to publish a podcast via iTunes and have a history of being a friendly and inclusive place to talk about gaming and geek related topics of all kinds. RGPMP3 has been recording and podcasting tabletop games since 2003. We have assaulted the ear holes of the unwary with all kinds of gaming awesomeness, from mainstream DnD and Pathfinder to indie games like The Mountain Witch and Pirates of the Spanish Main to homebrew systems and settings. We also provide a place for contributor groups to display their own tabletop game recordings getting an instant audience and allowing the site to present more content to listeners. We run our own server allowing us a great deal of control over how our content is delivered and consumed.


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Shattered Star Reforged Session 10 (SS Session 74)

SSR 10: A Bargain Met, a Barter Made After the victory over the Hill Giant Chief Jubbek, the Shard Seekers return to General Stom to collect on the deal struck with the Fire Giantess. However, the claim over a now healed Togbad’s loyalty stretches dipl...



Iron Gods Session 27

Session 27: Strange Brain Stuff, Maybe? Team Meat takes time to explore the receiver array and finds it strangely empty, except for a suspicion that there is something in there playing with their tiny minds.



Kingmaker Session 108

In which a new challenger enters the battlefield! Originally recorded 7 November 2019.



Hexad of Hyskosa Session 10

Session 10: Ass Heads Team Lunchable sneaks off with the great treasure of the temple and returns to their camp to count their ill-gotten loot. Their ears are itchy. Strange. What could that be? Catwomaim as Missy Belchiot – a lightfoot halfling Rogue ...



Kingmaker Session 107

In which war is upon Stagthorne, whether they would have it or no. Originally recorded 3 November 2019.


 2021-04-07  1h14m

Iron Gods Session 26

Session 26: Shooting Yourself In The Foot Team Meat explores more of Scrapwall including the large dish on the edge of town. They find a scene of devastation and carnage and manage to trigger a random encounter for themselves that might be more than th...


 2021-03-10  3h32m

Iron Gods Session 25

Session 25: Uninvited Guests Team Meat releases Whiskerfiss and returns to talk to Redtooth. They have their eye on the newly cleared real estate vacated by the Smilers and head back to claim it only to find that it has some new,


 2021-02-16  2h51m

Shattered Star Reforged Session 09 (SS Session 73)

SSR 9: The Shard of Wrath The Shard Seekers crash what goes for theatre amongst Hill Giants and challenge Chief Jubbek, the Hill Giant Tyrant that wields the Shard of Wrath as a literal weapon. A captured Shoanti magic user is rescued and decides his f...


 2021-01-22  2h45m

Iron Gods Session 24

Session 24: Adventuring In Slow Motion Team Meat confronts Marrow in her lair and deals with the threat before really, really slowly progressing into the next room and fighting a bunch of very minor monsters in agonizingly painful detail.


 2021-01-21  3h17m

Shattered Star Reforged Session 08 (SS Session 72)

SSR 8: The Warrens of Wrath The Shard Seekers descend further into the tunnels surrounding the Guiltspur, encountering more mutilated Hill Giants, other enemies, and prisoners. Thing as Goram, Half-orc Two-handed Fighter Heather as Arrow on the Wind,


 2021-01-13  2h9m