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RPGMP3 is the great great granddaddy of Actual Play Gaming. We were one of the first gaming sites to publish a podcast via iTunes and have a history of being a friendly and inclusive place to talk about gaming and geek related topics of all kinds. RGPMP3 has been recording and podcasting tabletop games since 2003. We have assaulted the ear holes of the unwary with all kinds of gaming awesomeness, from mainstream DnD and Pathfinder to indie games like The Mountain Witch and Pirates of the Spanish Main to homebrew systems and settings. We also provide a place for contributor groups to display their own tabletop game recordings getting an instant audience and allowing the site to present more content to listeners. We run our own server allowing us a great deal of control over how our content is delivered and consumed.


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Iron Gods Session 31

Session 31: Hot Water, Good Dentishtry and Shoft Lavatory Paper Team Meat concludes their deal with Dinvaya and head over to chat to the Kellids about the lovely base of operations they moved into. The leader of the Kellids is a pretty nice guy.



Curse of the Crimson Throne Session 88

In which it’s time for our favourite game in the whole wide world – the hoedown! Originally recorded 21 January 2020.



Kingmaker Session 112

In which it’s the sort of day that a cold iron-wielding Woolly Mammoth takes on a dragon. Originally recorded 10 December 2019.



Shattered Star Reforged Session 12 (SS Session 76)

SSR 12: The Hall of Arcane Wonder The Shard Seekers find that the upper floors of the Guiltspur contain a museum and exhibits of various Thassilonian curiosities, magic, religions, planes, and cultures. A few technical issues towards the beginning of t...



Curse of the Crimson Throne Session 87

In which our heroes try to blow up the moon, and then things get bears-on-unicycles crazy. Originally recorded 14 January 2020.



Kingmaker Session 111

In which our heroes are snuck up on by a stealthy ninja Woolly Mammoth. Originally recorded 29 November 2019.



Iron Gods Session 30

Session 30: All In Good Wraith Team Meat completes their exploration of the haunted ship and stumbles across the body of the captain on the bridge. More fun with incorporeal, ability score sucking creatures ensures.



Iron Gods Session 29

Session 29: If You’ve Got It, Haunt It Team Meat return to Dinvaya and discuss their tactical retreat from the haunted canyon. She agreed to assist them in gaining access to whatever lies in the mists. After falling down a cliff,


 2021-08-24  4h4m

Shattered Star Reforged Session 11 (SS Session 75)

SSR 11: Entering the Guiltspur Having dealt with the Giants, the Shard Seekers begin the exploration into the Guiltspur, wary for the Blue Dragon Cadrilkastra. However instead they find an ancient library and its guardians that show a fascination for d...


 2021-08-24  2h28m

Curse of the Crimson Throne Session 86

In which our heroes have one of those days where you have a foot race with an animated castle through an avalanche. Originally recorded 7 January 2020.


 2021-08-16  2h39m