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RPGMP3 is the great great granddaddy of Actual Play Gaming. We were one of the first gaming sites to publish a podcast via iTunes and have a history of being a friendly and inclusive place to talk about gaming and geek related topics of all kinds. RGPMP3 has been recording and podcasting tabletop games since 2003. We have assaulted the ear holes of the unwary with all kinds of gaming awesomeness, from mainstream DnD and Pathfinder to indie games like The Mountain Witch and Pirates of the Spanish Main to homebrew systems and settings. We also provide a place for contributor groups to display their own tabletop game recordings getting an instant audience and allowing the site to present more content to listeners. We run our own server allowing us a great deal of control over how our content is delivered and consumed.


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Kingmaker Session 96

In which Kaylen decides the future of two kingdoms and a few relationships. Originally recorded 5 March 2019.


 2019-11-02  2h19m

Iron Gods Session 02

The party begins their investigations into the waterlogged tunnels under the Black Hill in the hope of finding the councilor and the other groups who have preceded them. They encounter some interesting cave-based creatures and one terrifying glowing-ey...


 2019-10-24  3h2m

Kingmaker Session 95

In which Kaylen receives a surprising offer from Mivon. Will the heart or the head rule his decisions? Originally recorded 25 February 2019.


 2019-10-24  2h5m

Kingmaker Session 94

In which time passes uneventfully. Originally recorded 8 January 2019.


 2019-10-24  21m

Curse of the Crimson Throne Session 60

In which our heroes chase up the murder of Trajan Kroft. Originally recorded 14 May 2019.


 2019-10-18  2h43m

Curse of the Crimson Throne Session 59

In which our heroes realise the true danger of House Arkona. Originally recorded 26 March 2019.


 2019-10-01  2h42m

Iron Gods Session 01

A party of inexperienced adventurers gathers at the town of Torch in Numeria to help find out why the famous violet flame has gone out. They are hired by the council to investigate the disappearance of a number of groups who have entered a newly discov...


 2019-09-21  2h46m

Curse of the Crimson Throne Session 58

In which a mystery is solved: the artist Salvator Scream, with his reputation for being mad, turns out to just be really, really crazy.


 2019-09-21  1h32m

Kingmaker Session 93

In which Kaylen meddles in peace, politics, pairing up, and piles of treasure. Originally recorded 28 December 2018.


 2019-09-10  2h28m

Doomsday Dawn Session 03

In which our heroes slog their way through a boss fight. Some saltier language than our usual as we get increasingly irritated by, and ultimately give up on the system. Special Thanks To: • Intro music “Ma’at” by Derek and Brandon Fiechter https://www....


 2019-09-10  3h40m