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Role Playing Public Radio presents a weekly Actual Play podcast of tabletop role playing game sessions. We play a wide variety of RPGs, from popular classics like Dungeons and Dragons and Call of Cthulhu to indie hits like Red Markets and Fate. Some of our episodes are stand-alone scenarios and we also feature ongoing campaigns in games like Delta Green, Eclipse Phase, and Base Raiders. Give us a listen if you want to hear a great gaming crew fight evil, try outrageous plans to save the day and joke about it.


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Blades in the Dark – The Blind Eyes – Episode 4

The Blind Eyes turn their attention to the wealthy. They see an opportunity by deceiving a rich family in Whitecrowne, the exclusive district for the rich and decide to go undercover. If they can deceive the family at a dinner party,



Delta Green: Eldritch America – Spearfinger

In Wildwood Tennessee, an outbreak of a mysterious illness resulted in rapid onset symptoms resembling hepatitis. All infections were fatal. Six children and two adults have died. The two adults belonged to a research team from the University of Tennes...



Eclipse Phase: Mediation on Iapetus

Iapetus is overrun by Exsurgents and discarded TITAN machinery. Firewall maintains a base to destroy Exsurgents and stop TITAN artifact smugglers. Unfortunately, the base, codenamed CARIBOUS ABYSS, has broken down into bickering factions.



Blades in the Dark – The Blind Eyes – Episode 3

The Blind Eyes turn their focus to sports! A local and unique sport can only be held if a unique mystical artifact can be brought into the city. The authorities hate the sport because it causes riots and disruptions but the people love it.



Delta Green: The Last Flight of the Slim Crow

The flight crew of the Slim Crow, a B25 bomber, embark on a secret mission in the Pacific Theater during World War 2. They will encounter a new threat unlike any they have ever seen. In other news, I can no longer trust Noah.


 2020-12-11  2h18m

Blades in the Dark – The Blind Eyes – Episode 2

A medicine show has rolled into Duskvol. The Blind Eyes want to take down the charlatans but defeating a well-organized gang is easier said than done. Even scouting them can be dangerous as Salvage soon finds out...


 2020-12-04  2h9m

Over Arms: Yog-Sothoth’s Pact

In the sleepy town of Arkham, an evil sorcerer performs a ritual to gain power. Three random citizens will find themselves imbued with power, but also made targets of the sorcerer. Can the three survive assassins, curses, and worse? -


 2020-11-27  2h59m

Blades in the Dark – The Blind Eyes – Episode 1

A new crew of smugglers takes on their first job in Duskvol. They call themselves the Blind Eyes and specialize in the weird and the occult. With a small hidden lair under the docks and a boat, they are ready to take on the world. They are:


 2020-11-19  2h54m

Dungeon Crawl Classics: Tremors and Dragons

In a world of magic, dragons, and adventurers, a simple village finds itself at the frontline. An errant wish made by a fool unleashes a new monster never seen before in this world. Can the surviving villagers find a way to defeat the graboids or will ...


 2020-11-12  2h6m

Savage Worlds – Future Denied – Part 3

With the moirai drone black site disabled and Steel Fate functionally dismantled, it’s time to take down the man on top of it all. Brad Halcyon, the manipulative tech mogul, and ARIS, the invasive all-seeing AI, need to be stopped.


 2020-11-05  2h58m