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Role Playing Public Radio presents a weekly Actual Play podcast of tabletop role playing game sessions. We play a wide variety of RPGs, from popular classics like Dungeons and Dragons and Call of Cthulhu to indie hits like Red Markets and Fate. Some of our episodes are stand-alone scenarios and we also feature ongoing campaigns in games like Delta Green, Eclipse Phase, and Base Raiders. Give us a listen if you want to hear a great gaming crew fight evil, try outrageous plans to save the day and joke about it.


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Eclipse Phase 2E: Scouting the Factory – The Eighth Sea – Episode 14

The Eighth Sea knows the location of an incredibly valuable data cache on Mercury. It's stored in an abandoned antimatter factory, supposedly infested with Exsurgents. The crew must get the data so first they have to scout the factory out and learn its...



Zweihander: Into the Green Valley

A band of conquistadors has disappeared in the jungles of Guatemala. A second group sets out to find them, but as they venture into the green valley, they find out that the indigenous people are not the only threat there. -



Eclipse Phase 2E: SPACE WHALES – The Eighth Sea – Episode 13

As part of the Eighth Sea hides on an exoplanet, the other team travels to the Sun to pull off a daring scam. It turns out that space whales (whale uplifts sleeved in Surya morphs) race across the Sun for glory and reputation.



Base Raiders: Project Bildungsroman

A group of Base Riaders have all been approached by Vivien, a scarred woman with an intriguing tale. She claims to represent a group who have a lead on a particularly rich base. They do not have the power necessary to get particular items they want in ...



Eclipse Phase 2E: Polar Assault Part 2 – The Eighth Sea – Episode 12

The Eighth Sea has taken the polar base but can they catch the last VIP before they escape? The crew goes on a daring aerial chase but Martian authorities have noticed the assault and it is only a matter of time before they swarm the base.



Call of Cthulhu: Risam Vellere

Helos, a Greek Occultist, has acquired a complete copy of Al-Azif. Having a desire to keep this acquisition secret, he has sought the most distant translator possible. Posing as a rich merchant, he has come to Saeferne Abbey and engaged the services of...


 2020-07-09  1h33m

Eclipse Phase 2E: The Eighth Sea – Gatecrashing – Episode 11

After the polar assault, the Eighth Sea has to lay low to avoid getting caught. Half the team hops through a Pandora Gate. While they wait on an exoplanet colony, the crew takes on a heist to pass the time.


 2020-07-02  2h31m

Monster of the Week: A Wizard

A dimensional intrusion threatens the city, yet only three supernaturally gifted heroes are even aware it exists. It manifested as an invisible bubble inside a city park. Everyone who has blundered into it has disappeared and no one has returned.


 2020-06-25  2h40m

Eclipse Phase 2E: The Assault – The Eighth Sea – Episode 10

The Eighth Sea launches the assault! The Night Cartel's polar fortress is their last stronghold on Mars and if the Eighth Sea can destroy it and capture a certain VIP, they can remove the cartel from the planet entirely. But if the assault fails,


 2020-06-18  2h9m

Call of Cthulhu: Bereavement

Content Warning: Reference to real-world tragedies in this scenario From the Author: During quarantine, I was thinking a lot about the nature of grief, specifically how it diffuses when shared, how it spreads out and thins across distance and time.


 2020-06-11  3h25m