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Role Playing Public Radio presents a weekly Actual Play podcast of tabletop role playing game sessions. We play a wide variety of RPGs, from popular classics like Dungeons and Dragons and Call of Cthulhu to indie hits like Red Markets and Fate. Some of our episodes are stand-alone scenarios and we also feature ongoing campaigns in games like Delta Green, Eclipse Phase, and Base Raiders. Give us a listen if you want to hear a great gaming crew fight evil, try outrageous plans to save the day and joke about it.


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Savage Worlds: Rifts – Symphony of the End – Episode 2

The Tomorrow Legion sends in a team to investigate the extradimensional realm known as the Symphony. The Muse of Classical Music has a realm that is under siege by evil forces. The team has to stop the evil so they can find leads to the locations of ot...


 December 28, 2023  2h15m

Fate Condensed: Fallout New Vegas – Radioactive Dreams

After a mysterious courier took over New Vegas, the new government needed all the help it could get. They've launched an experimental program to give felons on parole a chance to redeem themselves by investigating minor crimes. Of course,


 December 21, 2023  2h13m

Savage Worlds: Rifts – Symphony of the End – Episode 1

Centuries after a nuclear war devastated Earth, new factions arise from the ashes to build a new world. The Tomorrow Legion wants to make a peaceful civilization for everyone, human, D-Bee, and all other sentient beings.


 December 14, 2023  3h0m

Monsters and Other Childish Things: Vermis

Vermis is a mysterious lost video game, with no known copies left in existence, until two friends find one. They set out to livestream the game to show it off to the world when a strange mist surrounds their house.


 December 7, 2023  2h3m

Delta Green: Impossible Landscapes – Part 16 – Midnight

The agents have finally reached the Palace of Carcosa. The masquerade ball has started but midnight is closing in. They must find the author of the play and give him his bottle if they want a chance to escape. However,


 November 30, 2023  1h57m

Subsurface: The Backrooms

An expedition to the Backrooms has lost contact with Earth. The secretive foundation running the expedition sends in a team of operatives to reestablish contact and secure the zone. Whatever cut off the expedition doesn't want them to succeed though.


 November 24, 2023  2h6m

Delta Green: Impossible Landscapes – Part 15 – Carcosa

The troupe has finally reached the shores of Carcosa, but the Palace is still a long journey away. They must travel through the city, torn apart by war. They need costumes to gain entry to the masquerade ball. More importantly,


 November 16, 2023  2h46m

Screams Amongst the Stars: The Blue Butterfly

Razin 4 is just another destination for a crew of spacers on a cargo mission but they've hit a hitch. They're supposed to pick up some starship engines but sabotage has slowed their production down. The factory manager offers the crew a special job at ...


 November 9, 2023  2h56m

Delta Green: Impossible Landscapes – Part 14 – The Whisper Labyrinth

Below the Hotel Broadlabin is a tunnel that leads to an ancient labyrinth. This labyrinth contains an endless amount of bottles. Each bottle is labeled with a name. The restless inhabitants of the Hotel crave nothing more than to find their bottle and ...


 November 2, 2023  1h36m

Call of Cthulhu: Cotton-Eyed Joe

A team from the Royal Jaune Records label arrives in Bon Marais, Louisiana, in June of 1956. They are in search of the original lyrics to the popular folk song "Cotton-Eyed Joe." The family of local folk legend Rory Welch claims to have those lyrics an...


 October 26, 2023  3h31m