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RSA 09/28/2020

Another busy (but better!) week means another great show for you all, and I have to start thinking about the best of for 2020 in just a few weeks. Hopefully we can soon leave this year behind us, and move just a little closer to what we would have previou


 2020-09-29  n/a

RSA 09/21/2020

Without getting into too much detail, the last week has been difficult for me. I think its important to acknowlege the times when we're just plain not OK. The pandemic seems to have a rough effect every couple of months or so, and I try to stamp it down a


 2020-09-21  n/a

RSA 09/07/2020

We're officially in the last quarter of the year and new releases start ramping up! Once again its great to have the dilemma that I've got far too much good music to play! All of the shirts have been sent out, and we have but 1 left, so get it while you c


 2020-09-07  n/a

RSA 08/31/2020

All of the shirt orders are in the mail, and the sales have been opened for the very limited number that I got as "extras" so make sure you hit the T-Shirt page if you haven't already! I'm actually on vacation this week, but I'm sticking close to home to


 2020-08-31  n/a

RSA 08/24/2020

Good news everyone! The T-shirts have mostly been mailed out, and according to my records 10 have already even been received! This is going to be my life for the next week or so as I get every order out that I can. The pandemic makes it a little slower fo


 2020-08-24  n/a

RSA 08/17/2020

After an impromptu vacation to unplug myself from work and as much as I could from social media, I'm back and fairly refreshed with a brand new show for everyone. The shirts are being picked up this weekend, and I hope to get the first packages in the mai


 2020-08-17  n/a

RSA 08/03/2020

Its a long weekend here in (most of) Canada, so I decided to take the weekend for myself and get RSA completed on the holiday Monday. This weeks show is a little shorter than usual, but thats just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. I expect the RSA sh


 2020-08-03  n/a

RSA 07/27/2020

The heat wave is just about to pass, so on the last day of 40c temperatures I'm burying myself in the studio to bring you another great episode of RSA! This week we lean towards the Harsh end of the spectrum with some aggressive distorted EBM for all! Syn


 2020-07-27  n/a

RSA 07/20/2020

After a weekend of actually braving the outside weather (we're still in a nice long heat wave here in Toronto) I've got a great new show for everyone, with just a little bit of everything including a new release from a seminal techno act, U96. Avarice In


 2020-07-21  n/a

RSA 07/13/2020

Well, my mini-staycation is now over so its back to work. But before I tackle the really difficult stuff that requires me to really think about work, I figure I'd better get the show posted for everyone! The RSA T-Shirt order has been placed! Once the pre


 2020-07-13  n/a