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RSA 12/21/2020

So we're down to one show left this year, and then we can leave 2020 behind with a bang. Yep, next week is going to be the best of 2020 show, and it is packed with great new music, much like this weeks show where a couple of names from RSA's past come bac


 2020-12-21  n/a

RSA 12/14/2020

My apologies for missing a week of RSA, but I spent a few days in the Hospital with some non-Covid related medical issues. But I'm on the mend, and just itching to get this weeks great new show out for everyone! Croona - Sanctum (ES23)FabrikC - Widerstand


 2020-12-13  n/a

RSA 11/30/2020

So last week I greeted everyone listening/watching on the new YouTube channel. Of course, having done that a track was flagged as unplayable and I couldn't post the show. But no such problems this week! If anything, the difficulties I've had have been ben


 2020-11-30  n/a

RSA 11/23/2020

The experiment continues as I upload shows from our archives to YouTube every day on a schedule. Its interesting seeing what is flagged as utterly unplayable. Nothing is remotely monetized, and I'm quite glad that I'm helping to add micropayments to the a


 2020-11-23  n/a

RSA 11/16/2020

This week we try another experiment as I upload our sets to YouTube. I've been watching how others "listen" to music, and YouTube pops up a lot more than I would have expected. So feel free to "Like and Subscribe!" as I experiment with my complete lack of


 2020-11-15  n/a

RSA 11/08/2020

Thankfully this week when I woke up on Sunday morning I remembered that this weeks show was 90% complete, but I actually had to, you know, complete it. So no repeats of last weeks scrambling like mad! The RSA "inbox" is getting thin as the year comes to a


 2020-11-08  n/a

RSA 11/02/2020

As I sat down this evening to watch a movie, there was something bugging me. Something I hadn't done yet. Oh crap, I haven't finished RSA yet! Cue me shutting off the TV and scrambling to the computer! X Marks The Pedwalk - Voodoo Love Pandoria - Chain Ar


 2020-11-03  n/a

RSA 10/26/2020

More changes made to the quality of the MP3 file that you folks enjoy each week. No-one really noticed much difference last week (which I suspected would be the case) but you should enjoy the fidelity much more this week! But aside from the technical stuf


 2020-10-26  n/a

RSA 10/19/2020

Made some slight changes to the audio encoding of RSA for this week. I'm curious to see if anyone notices the difference. But I've artificially held myself back for years out of a weirdly misplaces sense of "ethics" and I've come to the conclusion I was b


 2020-10-19  n/a

RSA 10/12/2020

Bright and early ona Thanksgiving morning in Canada. What better time to finish RSA? Well, since I had a very small dinner last night with just my folks, I have plenty of time on the actual holiday to do really fun stuff like mix the show together, have a


 2020-10-12  n/a